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Please Read and Help My Sweet Little Friend

Note from Casey…..the sometimes sweet mom 🙂  You can vote once a day!  What an opportunity to be God’s hands and feet for this family!


Hey everybody,

Look at this awesome opportunity for Mackenzie.  Most of you know that this month is the three year anniversary of her becoming paralyzed and being diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis.  It has been a very long road and one that we still learn on each and every day.   When we go anywhere it is with here being lifted (called a dead lift) out of the van and placed in her wheelchair.  This is an issue as she is continuing to grow and still unable to really do this transfer on her own.  At times it is embarrassing because who wants to be seen being lifted by your mom when you are 10 years old.  Steve does much of it, but he is often at work.  She will only continue to grow and while that is a blessing…my chiropractor would disagree.  We have been researching different options to customize our own van through grants and other things.  I had only mentioned this to a few people and have been praying that something would provide a way.  Then Carrie Groves sent me this link….God had spoke to her about it.  
So I am begging you to vote EVERY DAY. 
Send it to everybody you know that would be willing to vote.  And ask then to vote EVERY DAY
We are fully aware that there are many children out there that have a much harder life than what she/we do. But God, has provided a way that he put on someone else heart who wasn’t aware we were even thinking of this.  
Thank you in advance and let me know if you have any issues with the link.  
We Thank you!!
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