2 Profound Statements

As Christians, we are viewed as Jesus with skin on………..makes you think.  How many times have you lost it.  Do you show that person who is irritating you a positive or negative image of Jesus.

Also, last night at the Third Day concert, there was a song sung….I wish I knew the title, but the guy said “You may see special needs, but Jesus sees royalty.”  Considering the realizations I’ve had this week with one of my children, this hit home in a hard, emotional way.

My sweet boy, Catfish 8, finally got his testing scores back from the psychological testing that we had done a couple of months ago.  It wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but confirmed what I knew, in my heart.  He struggles with his memory…he can’t seem to retain a whole lot unless you go over it every single day, once every 30 minutes.  It is time consuming and irritating, at times.  He learned how to tie his shoe, after 3 yrs. of teaching him.  He finally learned his address, phone number and birthday….after 3 yrs.  He seems like he is listening, but it just doesn’t penetrate through to his brain.

He is a precious boy, with a precious spirit and he just asked the Lord into his heart.  Does he know all the ins and outs of salvation?  No.  Will he ever get that?  I don’t know.  He does know, however, that Jesus is God’s Son and that Jesus loves him completely and totally.   That He died on the cross for him, to save him from his sins.  He knows the basics and he knows them well.  He knows the meaning of baptism and he can recite almost every word that Bro. Alan says when he baptizes people.  He pays attention, it captures him.  He sings praise songs, at the top of his voice, though he muffles the words because he doesn’t know them, but he sings with conviction and passion.

He can learn.  He will learn differently than other kids.  He will learn.  I just have to pick and choose what I teach him and make sure that he knows how to read (which he is doing wonderfully) and math (which he is pretty darn good at) and writing (ugh).  We will, as a family, decided where to set the bar and when to move it up or down.

The Lord has a plan and a purpose to bring all things together for His good.  I believe that.  I trust that.  He has a plan and a purpose for Catfish. He loves him far more than I ever could.  I get frustrated, I get sad, I wonder why and then I hear him giggle and those thoughts just go away.  It is what it is.

He had a horrible beginning, but his ending will be amazing!


**He just learned how to ride a big bike**

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