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I figured it out!

I have tried and tried to figure out the best money saving options, grocery wise, for my family.  I think I have finally figured it out!  For this month, we have spent $435 for a month (for a family of 8….2 teens, 2 preteens and 2 more growing boys).  This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, paper products, cleaners, misc. stuff…everything.  How good is that?  I’m so stinking proud of Big Daddy and me!

Bear in mind, we raised/slaughtered our own hog, so we have a lot of pork in our freezer.  We also (once a year), buy 1/2 a side of beef.  The meat we buy is chicken and we buy a lot of that!  We also have a garden, so in late spring/summer, we have lots of veggies and I freeze them…although that won’t happen for a while.  We are still buying fresh/frozen/canned veggies.

We are now shopping every 2 weeks.  I plan out our supper menus (cooking from scratch 10 nights in those 2 weeks).  For breakfast, I make, in bulk pancakes, muffins, granola cereal (they also put that on their yogurt), granola bars and fruit bars (I put this all in the freezer).  Lunch is simple (corn dogs, hot dogs, lunch meat, pb & j, soup, ramen noodles, leftovers, chicken nuggets, crackers, fruit, cheese).  For cleaners, I mixed up vinegar and water for my everyday cleaner and I make my own laundry detergent.

My kids aren’t hungry, they are eating healthy and my house is clean…plus I’m saving money.

God is good 🙂  If you want any tips, recipes or menu plans, just let me know.  I’d be happy to share!

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