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Can you give $5/mth for a year to help these missionaries spread the love of Jesus?

ABOUT THE GIBBS FAMILY…missionaries in Sacaton, arizona

We are an ordinary family that God has called to carry out an extraordinary mission. We are Missionaries called to live and serve among the Native American tribes in Arizona. God has also called our family to adopt. We invite you to follow our journey as we follow Jesus.



How Can YOU “Live Love” This Year?

We “officially” became NAMB missionaries in September of 2010. At that time, we prayerfully chose our ministry name to be “Live Love Ministries.” We chose that particular name because our goal/mission is to show love in the way we live our loves. Every aspect of our lives. We know that in order for people to see Jesus in us, we have to love them like Jesus would love them. This means meeting them where they are, which also means, more often that not, meeting their physical and emotional needs before we can show them how Jesus can meet their spiritual need. So, we “Live Love”. 

How can you “Live Love” this year? 

There are many ways that you can, but we would like to present you with an opportunity to help and support the work that we do here on the reservations.

When we first became NAMB missionaries and moved to AZ, we made a 2 year commitment. Because we are MSC missionaries, we had/have to raise our own support. This means that NAMB is behind us and supports the work that we do, however, they do not pay us. We are responsible for finding churches, Sunday School classes, and individuals who will support us and the work that we do. 

We had many people give us one time donations. We had several individuals and a couple of churches that made the commitment to give to our ministry monthly. We are so thankful for those of you who have given to us and/or our ministry! There are no words to really show how much we appreciate it! Your selfless giving is making an eternal difference in the lives of many Native Americans! 

Obviously, our 2 year commitment has passed, and we have decided to continue our ministry here. We have no idea how long we will be here. We will stay until God tells us to go somewhere different. 

Many of our monthly supporters have told us that they would like to continue their support. (We thank you so much!) However, we have had a couple that have had to stop for various reasons (became unemployed, decided to support other missionaries just starting out, etc.) 

Also, our ministry has expanded to more villages and more districts than we originally had 2 years ago. And it is expanding even more this year! (Look for a separate blog post about that in the next couple of weeks.) 

To put our need bluntly, we need about $1,000 more of monthly support to effectively minister the way that we need to.

The monthly support that we receive not only supports our family, but also our ministry. This means that we pay for everything that we do. At this point, we are responsible for the youth and children’s ministry at First Pima and any work in Sacaton, the work in the villages of Cockleburr, Chuichu, and Kohatk, and the work in District 2 on the Gila River. Occasionally, we do some work in a couple of other villages too. 

In these five areas of ministry, we provide transportation for the people to attend the events. We provide food, crafts and activites for the children, and any ministry material needed (ranging from curriculum/lessons/Bible studies to use all the way to contruction materials needed for a project). 

We also meet whatever needs arise. We are constantly getting asked for help in paying electric bills or water bills (for those that have actually them) and for groceries (especially towards the end of the month). 

We were able to do all these things effectively at the beginning of our ministry because of those that gave one time donations or those “random” checks that we would receive in the mail many times with a note attached saying “Use this where needed the most.” 

At this point, the one time donations that we had saved are completely gone. We are trying to do everything with the monthly support that we receive, and there is just not enough to do everything and meet the needs that arise. This past month, we have had to tell a couple of people that we just do not have the resources to help them at this time. It hurts us so much to do this because we know that we have built trust with these individuals, and they do not go to anyone else for help. Eric is considered their pastor, and the services or Bible studies that we have is their church. So, they are going to their church for help. 

You may be thinking, “$1,000 is a lot of money. There is no way that I can help with that.” 

It does seem like a lot of money. Believe me I know. 

But I also know the God that provides it, and I know that He chooses to use His people to provide it many times. Maybe God wants to use YOU to meet needs on the reservations.

We have came up with an easy way for you to “Live Love” this year. 

We are asking 200 of our friends, family, or people we don’t even know to make a commitment to a monthly support of $5That’s only $60 for the whole year. Pretty easy, right? Just think of the things that you spend $5 on- a Starbucks coffee, a fast food meal, a ticket to a movie, etc. Sometimes you can find that much in change in your couch. 

We would like to have our goal met by February 14th. Yes, that’s Valentine’s Day, and what a way to truly show love by giving to those that need it! You will be loving “the least of these”!

We want you to know that it is a really humbling experience to tell others our needs. However, we have people ask us all the time how they can help us on the reservation. Providing $5 of monthly support is a real and tangible way to help us meet needs of others and to help us with our ministry. 

Is God leading you to partner with us? 

If so, you can go to this link:

It should take you to our page on the NAMB website. You can click on the “Give Now” button. You may put in a $5 donation. Then it will ask you for your information and if you want to make it a recurring donation or a one time donation. We are asking that you please make a commitment of 12 months, which would be $5 a month for a total of $60 for the year. (If you are able and want to give more, you are able to put whatever amount you want when clicking on this link.)

If you are at a point where you aren’t able to give, then we would appreciate your prayers for us and our ministry. We know this is most important anyway, and we thank you in advance for your prayers!

Please feel free to share this with others. We would really like for you to! February 14th is just 2 weeks away, but we know that God is able!

Eric and Brittany

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