Schooling with little people

I addressed, yesterday, how I homeschool NOW.  It wasn’t always like that.  At one point, my kids were 2, 5, 5, 8, 10 and so things were a lot different.

I still did the cooking thing, like in my last homeschooling post.  For cleaning…the kids still have chores, but  not a whole lot got done LOL.  I did, however, love and follow flylady.  She saved my sanity.  One word of caution, do not subscribe to the emails.  Your in box will be flooded with them and that overwhelmed me, tremendously.

So, my schedule was a bit different.  I don’t do a whole lot of work until the kids are in third grade.  K-2, we focus heavily on phonics, reading, playing, imagination, number/letter recognition, calendar, weather, simple math (without counting on fingers).

For Pre-K to K…we did the above, but I also created this chart and we went over it everyday.

Full Name
Spell Name
Rec. 1-10
Number Words
Write 1-10
Rec. A-Z
Rec. a-z
Write Aa-Zz
Color words
Sounds of letters
 For First Grade, we did the above stuff and this is the chart I created to go over daily:







Ordinal #

Cardinal #


Days of the week

Months of the year

Counting to 100, writing, recognizing

Bible Verse Memorization

Roman Numerals

Counting by 2s, 5s and 10s to 100.

Counting backwards

There are certainly things you can add to the list or delete from it.  Once they know it 10x in a row, then they pretty much can go down to saying it once a month for a refresher.  We also did simple science projects, art projects…we explored.  We also read…A LOT!

I would have blocks for my 2 yr old or a dry erase board for him to write on.  The rest of the kids, I would alternate.  Where my 10 yr old was learning how to be an independent learner, with her schedule, I would alternate my 8 yr old and my 5 yr olds.  I would have Peach do something independently (like write her name, do some simple math worksheets, etc), I would “teach” the 5 yr olds for that hour, then I would switch.  I heavily relied on and, as well as, online games to help with reading and math.

We would generally get up at 8 and while I would “fly”, the kids would eat breakfast and do their chores (which consisted of picking up their area in the kitchen and their bedrooms).  By 9, school would start and we would be done by 12.  The kids would then eat lunch and the younger ones would still nap or rest till about 3 while the older girls played a game, read a book or watched a movie till then.  Alone time, for you and for them, is a requirement…we get tired of each other.  Everyone needs a break.

I still kept a calendar of school attendance and I still made out schedules, moreso to hold me accountable than for them.

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