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What a week

It has been a busy week, around here and it is only Wednesday.

This past Sunday, we had church and then that evening, we had the AWANA store.  I was voted to be in charge of that and it went well, except we didn’t have enough goodies for all the children.  I certainly know what worked and didn’t work….that knowledge will make for a superb spring store 🙂

Monday, we spent cleaning.

Tuesday, I spent the day, sitting at the hospital with my sweet friends, the Teddelton’s.  My friend’s husband had open heart surgery, so I came armed with starbursts and a shoulder to lean on.  Praises to our Heavenly Father, for allowing Ron to “defy the odds” and not stroke out on the table, which is what *should* have happened.  His surgery went well, he was talking last night and hopefully, will be moved to a normal room tomorrow.  We are not promised our next breath, so we must live each moment to the fullest.  God is not done with my friend and I am so excited to see what way he is going to glorify the Lord, once he gets well.

Today, Peach and I made some white trash (yummy) and some chocolate/butterscotch) fudge.  Then, I spent a few hours in another hospital with another friend.  She was having a stress test.  Unexpectedly (for me, not my friend), another lady had come to lend her support.  This is a lady who plays the piano beautifully and I knew, but had never had the opportunity to get to know.  Today, I had that chance and I am so grateful.  I taught her to use her tablet, while we waited to hear the news that Diane’s heart is perfectly healthy!  As a bonus, we all went to lunch together. We shared lots of laughs, some serious moments and we ate lots of Chinese food 🙂  It was so much fun and I had a great time getting to know Suzann.

Tomorrow, we are scheduled for therapy, but I did the unthinkable and I cancelled it.  I can’t handle another day, sitting and waiting… tomorrow, we will try to finish up for our first Christmas get together at my mom’s house, do a bit of baking and watch Christmas movies.  I need a down day and Peach deserves one too cause she has been the babysitter for the last couple of days.  I love having kids old enough to watch the other ones.

Tonight, is the holiday dinner, at church…so we are getting showers, taking dogs out and then we head off….again………tis the season, right?


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  1. Alyssa Crum #

    Thanks Mom! I love you too!


    December 13, 2012

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