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Christmas Cleaning

Much to the children’s chagrin…..we are cleaning.  My house smells like a mixture of wet dog, feet, butt and moldy food.  Now, visualize that…..yuck.  The weekends are usually so full and busy, that all housekeeping (aside from picking up the chunks) ceases to exist.  It is what it is and I’m okay with that.

Then comes Monday…..a day of reckoning.  A day of purging all the garbage that has accumulated, finding all the dirty clothes that tend to hide in obscure places (ie under the tree skirt of the Christmas tree, under the couch, etc.), washing all the dirty dishes and bleaching.  Aw, I love the smell of bleach.  That smell equals clean and it makes me happy.  I usually clean with vinegar and water.  I’m an all natural, save the ozone layer, green kind of girl (most times, unless I find a FANTASTIC *free* sale on cleaner).

While the kids are cleaning, I usually put something in the crockpot and I love fresh bread, so I may make a loaf.  That way, when Big Daddy comes home he can come home to a clean house and the smell of yumminess.  That makes me happy….making him happy.

Thing are starting to get out of hand, now…this can’t be good Little Man is dressed in t-shirt, shorts, socks and a sports coat while wielding his newly bought nerf gun.  Boo isn’t helping the situation…now he has a nerf gun.  Peach is yelling at Gigi, Catfish can’t be found, Bug went to work so laundry stands still and my big dog, Francis is sitting by me like a Gargoyle waiting for attention.

We are off track, off the school track, off the cleaning track….we are off BUT we are having fun and being semi productive.  Now, to up the production………toilets don’t clean themselves.

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