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Christmas Parade

Tonight was our annual Christmas play and live Nativity.  I usually don’t attend parades because they are loud and they get on my nerves.  Doesn’t that just scream “I have Christmas spirit” to you?

My kids wanted to participate and our church puts on the live Nativity, so I head that way, camera and camcorder in hand (cause I’m a good mom, like that).

Step one was to duct tape a pillow to Peach’s belly because she was Mary.  She wasn’t thrilled, at all.  She stated that she couldn’t breathe, she struggled with putting her socks and shoes on and she couldn’t bend over to pick up her dropped coat.  I laughed…a whole lot and told her that was sort of what real pregnancy was like….this was just a small taste.  You can tell, by the picture, that she was not amused.


I must say, I had three of the most precious shepherd boys EVER.



Then here comes Mary and Joseph…..


Here she is, with Joseph and Baby Jesus



Here are some sweet pictures of my boys…for some reason, I didn’t get any pics of Bug serving hot chocolate or G…


His first, ever, hot chocolate…he wasn’t a fan, despite the giant grin on his face.


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