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In my quest to get out of my funk….we didn’t do school work or chores, this morning.  Instead, we chose to listen/dance to Christmas music and make a bedazzled Christmas tree craft.  Everyone wanted to do it, young and older 🙂

Peach is going to do a tree, for me, but she was working on my Christmas gift.  I had a BRILLIANT idea.  She and Bug (with whomever wants to help) are taking all of my loose pictures and scrapbooking them for me 🙂  Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ve been wanting to do it, for a while, but I have no ambition and little time.  This gift make continue into the new year cause I have lots of pictures, but still, I’m thrilled.



Bug had to finish up some work.  She is taking online classes from our local university.  She was trying to get it done, before heading to work.




Boo, working hard.




Catfish working diligently while Little Man ponders his creation 🙂




We are still missing 2 trees…Gigi is in her room, due to behaviours and Peach didn’t get hers done yet.  She stopped for lunch and to do some school work.

Excited to get them done and hung up.

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