So many good things……sprinkled amongst our trials

I spent the day, yesterday, in Paducah.  It has been an adjustment week because we started back school, so I have been a bit haggard.  Big Daddy is still struggling with his knee and the fact that he has been off work, for so long is starting to have a financial issue with us.  We are having to say no, cut back more than we already have and just pray pray pray that he can get another job, less demanding on his body.  If the Lord doesn’t see fit to give him another job, then he will resume his original job on Oct. 1.  Hoping that he is completely healed.  I’m choosing to believe, but things are tense.

I enjoyed spending time with my sister and my niece.  I visited my parents for a bit, went to my old job and got to see a load of past co-workers and catch up.  I also went to my favorite book store and received some Godly wisdom from an employee, that I have grown to love 🙂  I got a few things, for my boy, for his “My Happy Birthday”.  It wasn’t much, but that is not what this day is about!  It is about thanking God for bringing forth this precious life, giving his mom the courage to make a tough decision and the thankfulness of him being in my arms.  Yay!

As I was leaving town, I was t.i.r.e.d.  I just wanted to go home.  As I was pulling out onto the road, I realized that I had put off getting gas, on the trip there….I thought I could make it to Draffenville, but decided that I knew myself well enough to realize that I wouldn’t want to stop, so I went to a gas station down the road.  One I never go to because I’m usually not on that end of town.  I pulled up and I saw a sweet sweet lady that I met while working at JCPenney.  I have not seen her for 8 mths.  She would come in, regularly, and she was a face that immediately meant love.  We bonded.  She would pray over me and my family.  She would hold me, in the middle of the clothes while I cried out and she would speak God’s promises over me.  I never thought I’d see her again and there she was…8:00 pm, at the gas station.  I pulled up, jumped out and prayers, blessings and praises ensued.  I have her phone number now, so we can meet again.  Such a blessing!

As I turned around, to go back to pump gas, I noticed my right front tire…flat.  I mean, flat.  I was by myself, my phone was just about dead and it was late.  I didn’t know what to do, so I was going to use my last bit of phone juice to call Big Daddy and then maybe my brother in law to come and help.  While I was contemplating, a guy, at another pump, told me that my tire was flat.  I asked him if he could help me. I explained that my phone was dying, I’m 40 miles from home and my husband was home with all the children.  He smiled and said that I was in luck, because he just HAPPENS to be a tire repair person and he HAPPENED to have his kit in the car.  He fixed my tire, at NO COST!  (it had a screw in the tire).  As we were parting ways, he noticed my right left tire was flat too :/  He fixed it, but it was more of a struggle…there was a roofing nail in it.  This guy is from Illinois and he was here because his wife was in the hospital (please pray for her).  God’s grace.  He refused to take any money and said that God’s blessings come around.  Wow.

I was praising the Lord all the way home…on a whim, I decided to stop, to check my tires, at Draffenville.  One tire was fine, the other…not so much.  The patch didn’t hold.  My phone battery, still hanging on, I called and Big Daddy showed up.  It wasn’t pleasant….lots of trials…couldn’t get the spare off, called a friend and he came, late into the evening and tried to help.  No luck,  couldn’t get that spare off because of some not-so-smart things remodeled on our vehicle.  Our friend, happened to have a truck, that that spare would fit our truck, so we spent another hour trying to get it off.  We get back to put the spare on, late….I’m standing, no help and then out of the blue, our neighbors pull up (they had borrowed our other vehicle).  Brian offers to stay and help so I can go home. Blessing.

The tire didn’t get fixed, Big Daddy is hurting, but today is a new day of possibilities and more blessings waiting to happen.  God’s hands were ALL OVER last night, as I could have had two blow outs, at night, alone, no phone…it could have been so bad.  I could’ve hurt myself or worse, others.  God put angels and wisdom all around me and a supply of God fearing people willing to drop everything to come and help.

Lots of trials, still peppered…major trials…..but so many blessings and so much joy supercedes the trials.  Prayers are welcome 🙂


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