Friday Wrap-Up

Monday, we started school….can you say OH.MY.GOODNESS.  It was good, it was just chaotic.  Luckily Bug (16) teaches Little Man (5) while I teach Catfish (8) and field questions from Boo (11), Gigi (11) and Peach(14).  Monday also brought on football practice, calls to the Weisskopf Center, Murray State, the dentist and the hospital to set up appts for Catfish’s speech therapy.

Tuesday was more school, it went well, again….a few tears where math is concerned, but nothing major.  Gigi and Catfish had therapy 30 minutes away, in the middle of the day (hey, I rhymed), so we packed our school stuff and did it there.  Therapist was 30 minutes late, so we had a lot of time to sit, do school work and I answered 1001 questions regarding homeschooling, my large family, and if all the kids are mine.  After therapy, we hit CVS where I couponed shopped till I dropped…I did very well 🙂  We had another night of football practice.

Wednesday Jude and I had dental appts.  He packed his backpack and did school work at the dentist office.  He had no cavities and got to have his picture taken for the “No Cavity Club”.  He was clueless but excited 🙂  When I got home, school was well underway. Big Daddy stepped it up and was was working with the kids. It was nice.  Every day gets easier and Little Man is eager to learn, though his language delays him some.  He is a smart cookie and his smile can melt anyone’s heart.  I was having a bit of a meltdown day, but I bucked it up and plowed forward.  I went to town to finish up my coupon shopping.  We are well stocked in the bathroom department.  I would’ve spent close to $500 and I only spent $150.  Big Daddy took the kids to church and they were home before I got home.  They had a great time and I was sorry to miss my first night of our new Bible study.  I’ve been struggling lately…lots of questions permeate through my mind and it affects me.  I’m excited to study the book of Malachi and if I don’t show up to class, again, then I fear they will come and find me.

Thursday…..wait, this is just Thursday bahahahaha, I thought it was Friday….oh well, a day early 🙂  School went well, the house got picked up, Big Daddy went to drop off some items for charity which was super nice because it was cluttering my living room.  He was supposed to get new shades or curtains because our old ones died.  Today, my oldest honorary granddaughter started preschool (insert “ahhhhh”) and my youngest turned 1 today (insert more “ahhhhhhs”).  Boy, do I love them….so very precious and so thankful I get the opportunity to impact their life.  Anna choose me to call first about her big day.  Love love love that girl.  We decided that football wasn’t for Boo because of the politics.  The kids have played together for a long time, so we are going to let him play baseball again.  He is a talented catcher and I thoroughly enjoy watching him play.  Tonight is pizza night, so I don’t have to cook and Big Daddy cooks for me.  Yay for me!

Tomorrow (which I thought was today) will be filled with grading papers, going over missed items, deep cleaning the house because our weekends are so busy.

Hope you all had a great and blessed week!



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