Lonesome and Reflective

Big Daddy and 3 of our kids went on a mission trip to Clay City, KY.  They packed 45,000 meals for the children of Haiti.  How phenomenal is that????!!!!  I love that my family has a heart for missions, but I miss them when they are gone.  Eventually, when behaviour patterns get ironed out, in Gigi and the little boys get a bit bigger, then the whole family will go.  For now, I’m left at home.


Being without 1/2 my kids and Big Daddy makes me sorely lonesome.  Oh, sure, it is somewhat drama free, but I seriously do not know what to do with just 3 kids.  I can’t even cook correctly for 3 kids. It is almost like my brain goes on a mini hiatus.  We have talked, a couple of times.  I know they are having a good time and realizing the impact that they are having on others….that swells my heart.  I just miss them.  Period.  The end.


Since I’ve been “alone”, I’ve fried inappropriate things (green beans and mac & cheese…which was yummy), talked to a good friend, played scrabble, got a belly ache, watched my dog eat duct tape and I’ve prayed for God’s direction and clarity, in my life.  I feel very out of place and very unsure of where to go and what to do.


My heart lies with my God, with my family and with the people of Ethiopia.  I love that country.  I love everything from the pollution (okay, maybe I don’t love that part) to the crazy drivers to the people.  Is it feasible to pick up and move?  Is that my will or God’s will?  Where does this desire come from and how will it impact my children and my family?


We have SO SO much surplus, in this country.  It saddens me to see people drop $15-20K on a new car, when their “old” car works just fine.  My vote….get a tune up and donate the rest to feed the hungry.  There are homeless people, right outside our door, as well as, the other side of the world.  Why buy newer phones, more computers, more more more when so many people do without.  Why have a boat load of crap, in your house to collect dust and never be used when it can be donated to an organization that can help the needy in your very own community?  We have a great organization, that I donate too and buy from….Angel’s Attic in Murray, KY,  They will take anything and ALL the profit made from selling your “trash” is given to the Angel’s Community Clinic that provides free health care for those who don’t have any or can’t afford it.  Amazing.  We also have local Needline organizations, churches with clothes closets or food pantries.


I THOUGHT I was pretty good at keeping the crap at bay and watching what I spend to make sure I get it for the cheapest prices, as well as, being able to use it (books/clothes/shoes) for multiple children.  I quickly came to the conclusion, as I was preparing for the upcoming school year, that I’m hoarding books.  I love books, but I have so so many.  These are great books, that can be sold and the money donated; they can be given so someone else can sell them for their particular needs; or someone else, who homeschools, could benefit from free books.  I am blessed to be able to donate these books to a friend, who will hopefully be able to sell them.  She is raising money for her daughter who has Transvere Myelitis.  To learn more about this disease, please go to http://www.myelitis.org/tm.htm  If you are interested in donating or learning about my sweet little friend, please go to http://doingallthingsthroughchrist.blogspot.com/ or http://movin4mackenzie.blogspot.com/


I’m excited to clear out my house. My bookshelves are bare.  I have 7 crates….1 for each kids school books and 1 for my stuff.  What isn’t on my shelves, is in their crates.  There is emptiness there.  Soon, I will be weeding out their other books and keep the things that are used and donate the rest to bless someone else with.  I find that I lean more on my resources than the Lord.  That has got to stop.  As I was watching this video, last night http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fT9iBWNsHgA  Katie Davis talked about her first trip to Uganda and then being blessed, at 21 yrs old to be the mom to 14 and now living there and running Amazima Ministries http://amazima.org/  She talks of living the “charmed” life in Brentwood, TN and how she didn’t know true love or true dependence on God till she was stripped of everything in life and became totally and completely reliant on Our Father to meet her needs.  That is what I want in my life.  To be stripped of self and to learn about the Father’s love for me.


I know this post is a bit choppy and I have lots of thoughts going throughout my head.  I’ll possibly elaborate on each thought in further posts………but for now, I hope this strikes a chord in your life.  Remember who you are and WHOSE you are.



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