Potty 101

Having our son home, for the last 7 mths, has been joy….pure joy.  He is 5 yrs old and is one of the most amazing little people I know.


However, our bathroom is not so much pure joy.  See, 6 kids share 1 bathroom….3 of those kids are boys, with poor aim.


I clean the bathroom, a lot and I mop, a lot.  There is one pesky spot, on the floor, behind the toilet that always has, a yellow liquid on it.  At first, I assumed it was our male dog “marking” his spot.  We ended up finding him a new home, as he was not friendly enough to have around our little boy.  I thought the problem was resolved….not so much.  My next thought was the ring at the base of the toilet was bad and pee was leaking out from the side.  So, I had my husband and a friend fix that.  So excited, thought that was going to be the answer to my smelly problem and it wasn’t.


After 2 hrs of cleaning that filthy bathroom, it dawned on me.  My sweet boy lived in a village, where the world was his bathroom, then for a year he was in an orphanage where this was his toilet:



Stand and pee.  For another year or so, he lived in a “transition” house.  There was a bathroom, in his room and it was a normal bathroom, but this “hold and aim” factor was never learned.  So, when he got home….he sprinkled EVERYWHERE.


Tonight, we had a lesson in using the potty and how to point, hold and aim.  I hope this helped because this bathroom is also our “guest” bathroom, when we have friends over and I hate having it smell, all the time.  He thought it was hysterical having me show him and then Big Daddy show him, at a separate time.  He got so tickled and my walls got sprayed………then, I kissed my son and praised God for bringing him home and cleaned the bathroom again.





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