My Day, in a Nutshell

Big Daddy wakes me up at 8:15.

Get ready to go to VBS at 8:45.

VBS from 9-1.

Bug stays to help with the skit.

Peach goes with friend.

Boo and Gigi go with another friend.

We are left with Catfish and Little Man.

Come home….enjoy the rain….rest for about an hour, in between wielding phone calls.

2:30  Bug comes home to watch little boys.

2:45 Big Daddy and I leave for Murray for drs appt.

3:00 arrive at drs appt, 15 minutes early and we sit and wait for hour and 15 minutes.  Good times.

In between this time, I am texting Bug to get supper started and to clean up a bit because friend #2 has 2 of my kids and was bringing over some supper.  Also texting Bug’s “dates” mom to see when “date” will happen.  Texting friend #1 that we are at drs and finding out when Peach will come home.

4:15 see, not the dr, but the PA and get positive answers, yet still questions

4:45 head home and make phone calls/texts about Big Daddy’s appt.

5:00 get home and Bug has not followed the “supper” instructions, so I redo supper.  Have a little bit of down time.

5:15-10:30 talk with friend #1 and friend #2, then call my mom…made grocery list for Big Daddy and he took Bug, with him to the store.  While he was gone, I called friend #1, who had already dropped off Peach and our girls…there was apparently and “arrange” or a “plan” devised where friend #1 brought back her daughter, so she could spend the night.  No problem.  While talking with her, friend #3 came back because Peach was supposed to babysit and things got rearranged.  I kept 2 adorable girls, instead for a while.  While cutie patooties were here, Peach decided to swim with Catfish and Little Man.  Cutie Patootie #1 decided to swim…we stripped off her clothes and off she went.  Friend #2 came back over to bring me goodies and my children, but it was decided “before” getting home that the kids all wanted to swim, so they joined the 4 already in the pool (that made 8 kiddoes).  Cutie Patootie #2 didn’t want me out of her sight, which I’m good with cause she is edible.  Sit and bond with friend #2 and then friend #1 comes back with kid #9, who joins in on the pool-capades.  In between chats, unloading groceries, eating chess cake, feeding Cutie Patootie #2 and a couple of potty runs for Cutie Patootie #1, I give Cutie #2 a bath in the sink (cause who doesn’t adore a cute little bundle of love in the sink smelling good and splashing with excitement).  By the time that was over,  friend #1 dressed Cutie #2 while I dried off Cutie #1.  About that time, friend #2 left with her 2 kids…and the cake *sniff* and friend #1 looked through some pictures I had dug up from the past….fun 🙂  Friend #3 came back to pick up the girlies and stayed to look at pictures, look for the yummy cake (that left) and play games.  During that time, we are getting 7 kids bathed cause they stink.  During the bathing, watching a movie with Cutie #1, the girls daddy comes over…tired.  We talk, girls whine and cry, big kids disobey and puzzles aren’t solved.  Eventually, we got 5 kids in bed, 2 kids (one of which belongs to friend #1) watched part of a movie, phone calls about date #2 are made, texts returned and are now ALL kids are in bed…………there is silence.  I think I forgot to eat supper……..

Tomorrow, we start all.over.again.


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