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Yesterday, during our weekly therapy session, G and I headed to Mayfield.  I’ve traveled the road that leads to Mayfield, several times, it is the road that I took to get to my Granny’s house.  I’m familiar with each house, each side road, each creek….everything.  It is a comforting road, to me.

We say little, on the way up.  I listen to the radio and she reads a book.  On this trip, the Lord spoke clearly to me, very clearly.  I was be-bopping to the radio with the windows down, looking at all these homes and thinking about how much I missed my Granny..so much…it hurts, sometimes.  While I was thinking, I could smell smoke.  The kind of distinctive smell…one of destruction.  I looked up and saw that a home that I passed a thousands times had burnt to the ground.  For those who aren’t familiar with that smell….let me just tell you, there is nothing like it.  I drove up on the devastation and I saw the family, just standing there, staring at what used to be a home.  Sadness overcame me and I prayed for the family as I continued up the road.

We were in counseling much longer than I had anticipated, the sun was coming down and we headed home.  I was just around the bend, of that home, after several hours and the family was still standing there….it appeared that no one had moved.  The house was still smoldering and the sadness was overwhelming.  I passed by…..then it was like the Lord had taken ahold of my heart, threw it up into my throat and said ‘turn around.’  I heeded that and I turned my vehicle around.  It was placed, so hard, on my heart to give them money, but I never have cash and I rarely have the checkbook because I don’t get out much.  I pulled into the driveway and started thumbing through my purse and I saw the checkbook, just sitting in there.  I whipped it out and wrote out a check.  The family must’ve thought I was a “rubber neck” person who was just curious as to what happened.  

I hopped out of my vehicle and I apologized for inconveniencing them and gave them my thoughts and prayers towards the sadness of what had happened to them.  I didn’t want to know what had happened, I just simply told them the Lord has impressed on me to stop and give them money and see if they had any needs.  She stood there, with shock in her eyes.  I told her that the Lord had a plan and a purpose for this sadness and that He was there with them during this time.  The granddaughter, who was about my age, stated that her grandmother got out safely, but that the grandmothers disabled son, wasn’t so lucky and he died in the fire.  My heart broke as she was recounting what had happened and tears ran down her face.

I hugged her, asked if I could feed them, I told them of places they could go for clothes, for free and then she mentioned that the place where her grandmother was staying didn’t have a working  fridge.  I told her not to worry, I would find her one.  The Lord knew she needed that and He sent me to be His feet.  I took her number and told her that I would put my feelers out and see what I could do.  I came home, sent out a massive email and placed the need on facebook.  No responders.  There was one sweet girl, who had a microwave that she was gladly give this lady.  How thankful I was for her.  I was set out to buy her a fridge, if that’s what it took.  I let it go and this morning, I got an email from a friend stating she had an EXTRA fridge that she just defrosted and said she would give it to the lady.  Oh.My.Goodness.  I immediately praised God for His faithfulness and timing.

I called the granddaughter and told her that I had a microwave and a fridge that people were giving her and she sat there….and cried….thanked me over and over.  I told her that the Lord deserves all the glory and the praise because He was the One who did all of this, not me.  We are now trying to get a truck to deliver these items and I’m certain, we will….it may be tomorrow, but we will get it there.

May the Lord bless those who donated.  May He bless those who have prayed for this woman. May He bless the family during this difficult time.  

Jehovah Jirah….Our Provider.


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  • other needs they may have?

  • I asked, again, and right now, they are in survival mode and don't know what they need….clothes….no furniture is needed but as for dishes/towels….they lost everything.

  • I have a monster sized sony tv…they are welcome to have and I will see what else I can come up with. We are down a car right now…so I'll have to work on delivery. I do have a large amount of dishes…if they would be helpful. Not aplate set…but all kinds of other stuff.

  • I know that she has a tv, an older one, but can't do much with it because she doesn't have satellite or cable. I know that a big need was a stove, but that has been provided. I'll text her granddaughter and ask about kitchen stuff. Clothes, she is good on…she told me that she has WAY too many that people donated.

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