Dhera: Part 2

The next place, we stopped at, was an older lady.  I’m not sure if she lived alone, or not, but she was GORGEOUS!  You could see the story of her life in her face.  I wish I had a picture that would do her justice, but nothing could do her justice.

Hope Arising had given her some money, to buy an animal and begin her garden, which is an irrigation type garden.  I will explain the whole garden thing, using another picture that better explains how this system works.  Her garden looked nice, but not as nice as some of the ones that we saw.
Betty told me, when we walked in, to watch where we step and as we walked through her house, there was obviously a goat nearby that enjoyed sleeping in the bedroom.  It was a 2 bedroom mud house and in the back was a place where the goat was supposed to be staying.  The goat listened as much as a regular kid would LOL.
This is where we started becoming a side show.  Behind me, was a fence covered in vines and through the fence, I saw a precious set of eyes.  There was a sweet sweet little boy there, staring at me.  Then, more came and more.  They didn’t want anything, simply to look and follow us.
These are some pictures taken while walking down the road….thanks to the Bambricks for taking pics when our camera died!
These were some of our followers. Are they NOT the sweetest kiddoes ever!

Betty and I walking down the street.

I asked Betty, as we were stepping out of the van, why she brought me here.  This is not what I expected.  I’m not sure what I expected.  She simply said that she wanted me to experience all of Africa and that, Addis was way different then other parts.  She wanted me to see the “real” picture of life, here in this beautiful country.  Such poverty, kids and adults with no shoes, tattered clothes, riddled with bald spots, bloated stomachs and GIANT smiles!  So happy, so content with life.  They didn’t have doors on their homes, no light, no windows. The love, of these people, touched my heart do deeply that I can’t even begin to imagine what the Lord will want me to do there.  Raise awareness?  Perhaps. Raise money?  Perhaps.  Go and build?  Perhaps.  I don’t know, I just know that there is no where like this place and I’m forever grateful to Betty for bringing me here. 
There are other families that I will posting about, but for now, this is all.  I have kids to tend too.  I can honestly say, that the “honeymoon” is over LOL and I have to deal with chaos.

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