3 Hurdles down….1 to go

So, with this being the beginning of the week….I’ve been in deep thought over the purpose of my existence.  LOL…not really…that just sounded good and deep 🙂

The beginning of the week is Sunday and we were blessed to spend it with our church family. Our pastor has been teaching Jesus + Nothing over the last 10 weeks and I feel as if years of my life have been peeled away to reveal truth.  Truth in Him.  I am free.  No longer in bondage to sin and the “red letters” of the Bible are put in their perspective places.  It is truly a blessed thing to go where I am loved and to be taught truth and freedom.

The first person I see, is a lovely lady, Jenny.  She is in a wheelchair and some would classify her as “special needs.”  She is special alright, but she ‘needs’ for nothing.  She is a beautiful example of God’s love and faithfulness.  I squatted down to hug her and she patted my hand.  She said “what’s going on.”  She knew that I wasn’t in Ethiopia (obviously).  So, I told her about the BM interview and that if it went well, we’d hopefully travel this week.  If it didn’t or they needed more papers (they meaning the Embassy), that our stuff would be sent to Nairobi and it could be months before we could bring Abinet home.  She smiled and said “what God brings you too, He will be faithful to bring you through.  He WILL finish what He started, in His time and not yours.”  I hugged her, loving how God spoke to me using her.

I sat down and friend #2 asked why I was there because she expected me to be gone too.  I told her of the situation.  She wept, hugged me and prayed for me.  She told me that it will happen and to be encouraged. Friend #3 came up…asked how things were.  I explained, again, the situation…..the worry over my job and the possibility of losing it because I don’t qualify for FMLA and I haven’t heard back from the adoption leave of KY.  She encouraged me, prayed for me and told me that it would be okay….those conversations filtered throughout the day, yesterday.  I was blessed.

I realized that during my worry, I wasn’t RELYING on who can take my worry away and who can fix these little pesky problems (ie money for traveling, childcare for my kids, paperwork to be approved in Embassy, job issues).  Why worry when He has it all under control.  As to how it is going to unfold, I don’t know.  But I can tell you, that we will have a story to tell.  We will have a testimony to someday help someone else.

Today, I decided to clean….really really clean.  In the midst of my cleaning, my friend calls and needs me to watch her wee ones while she pays some bills.  LOVE.  Of course, I said yes…bring them on.  I was blessed to dance and love on a beautiful 2 yr old and snuggle with a baby….bliss.  While I’m basking in a dirty house, watching this little toe-headed girl run through squealing and holding another sweet baby.  I long for Abinet.  To hold him and rock him.  To teach him and love him.

While my friend is here, I get a call…unsure of who it is, I answer and it is my work stating that my job is safe till Jan 1 and that I can take my leave.  One hurdle DOWN.  My friend is heading for the door and she says, so nonchalantly, when you travel, let us know and we will help with the kids as much as you need.  Hurdle number #2 DOWN.  As my oldest is helping my friend carry her girls to the car, she flits in with the mail.  Junk.  I flip through it and I find, wet, a check from the IRS for our adoption refund.  More than enough to pay off a couple of bills, fly to ET and back, and save the rest.  Hurdle #3 DOWN.  Now for hurdle #3….for the interview of Abinet’s birthmom to go well and for the Embassy to have all they need and for us to travel to get our baby.

God, You know our needs, You have met our needs.  Let only You get the glory and the praise for what You are going to do tonight, tomorrow and as we fly out, this weekend….you will hold our plane in Your hand. Praise You for what You have done and for the wonders You will still do, this week.  Preparing for rain 🙂


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