It is so hard to FOCUS on things when my mind is moving in five hundred different directions.

We are, again, waiting on a piece of paper for our adoption.  It always seems to come down to 1 PIECE OF PAPER before immigration can look at our case.  This piece of paper is the LAST thing that we need and we have 4 days to get it.  It will take God’s hand to move mountains (and people) and to find this one person to sign this one piece of paper.

Last week, we thought it was going to be easy because we thought we “knew” where the one person was.  Guess what, they got there, in Africa mind you, and she wasn’t there.  The people in Sodo “think” that she is in the next village.  How far that village is….is beyond me.  If she is there…beyond me.  If this paper doesn’t come in, a denial will be made.  If this person is found, this paper is signed, this paper is emailed, then if our income matches, we will get approved.

We so wanted him here by Thanksgiving.  It is still a possibility, but the window of that possibility is closing everyday.  I’m still holding onto hope…..

While we wait, my mind is always thrashing on work.  It is *so* busy, right now.  There are *so* many things to do and *so* much going on within the ranks of our management, that it is daunting.  I keep telling myself to sign up for FMLA for when we leave for Africa, but my days mesh together and once I remember, it is usually at a time when I’m not at work or corporate is not there because it is 9 pm at night.  I have, however, told my manager of my plans.  That’s one step.  Now to take the other steps.

The last week, or so, our child with RAD has been *very* difficult.  I can’t put my finger on it.  Maybe it is the holidays.  She seems to get a bit more nutso around this time, so once the busyness of the season calms down, she will too. She is driving me a bit crazy with her antics.  She can be very in your face and she is REALLY demanding a lot of attention.  I have to parent her differently from the other children because she is different.  She requires more energy, more thought, more creativity.  She is an exhausting child and since I’ve worked so much, preparing for the holiday season, my brain power is nil.  I’m so glad the neighbors don’t turn me in to social services when they see her running around the house screaming, thrashing and crying.  I just let her do her thing.  Once she is over it, she is over it.  It is almost like a blacking out period, for her.

Then there is the whole kid turning 16…..can’t even discuss that.

Focus.  Focus on what is important.  Focus on God’s promises not to harm us but to prosper us.  Focus on the fact that He loves my kids so much more than me and He has a purpose for everything.  Focus on the fact that everything He does and ordains, works together for my good.

Focus Focus Focus.

Claiming His promises.  Believing that the one piece of paper that has to be signed by one particular person and then emailed to immigration will happen TODAY.  Believing that APPROVAL will happen TOMORROW.  Believing that Embassy has already reviewed our case is waiting for our 171 to give us a date.  Believing that he will by home for the holidays.

Standing on His Promises.  Praying believing it has already happened.  In fact, will call corporate today to set up FMLA and we will be putting Abinet’s bed up tonight.  I’ll be stocking his dresser tomorrow night and I will even pack our bags.  I’m that certain that we will be getting an approval and a quick Embassy date.

I have many things to do………

Focus.  Believe.  Claim.


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