After a HARD weekend….

Today, I officially, start my new position…maybe…at least I will be announced as the newest supervisor, at work (that was the news I couldn’t share till today, for those inquiring minds).  I *know* I’m on the supervisor schedule for next week, not sure what I’ll do this week.  

It is going to be different, more hours, more responsibility and that will make it hard on me, with the kids….praying God continues to move and that life can begin a new normal, very very soon.


Who knows this little gem of a person?
She is the character of “Nancy Olsen” on Little House on the Prairie.
I talked to my sister, the other day…we were solving the worlds problems and then she got tickled.  She said that when they got home from vacation, that sat down and turned on the tv and Little House was on.  It was the episode where Nels and Harriet adopt Nancy.  She said, as she was watching it, that she began getting very tickled at the antics of Nancy.  How she is such an angel for some people and such a terror to others.  
She started laughing, out loud, saying that after a few moments she realized WHO Nancy reminded her off…and it is Gigi LOLOL.  I laughed because when she said that she was watching that episode, my first reaction was that Nancy had RAD and Little House had pegged it, without even knowing.  
We were both belly laughing at the irony of putting a character to such a horrible diagnosis of anyone and not even realizing what they are doing.  We probably shouldn’t have laughed, it isn’t a funny thing to have or to deal with, but if you can’t life and find an ounce of joy in your trials, then you won’t be refined, as God promises in the book of James.
He loves Gigi….warts and all.
Last Sunday morning, I sat by my friend, Nina.  We have sat next to each other in Sunday School for the last year.  The past few months, with her family issues and my family issues, we have connected.  She is a source of peace for me and we are so different that it makes things fun.
I don’t speak of our adoption, much, in church because I feel like a broken record.  I’m always requesting prayer for the same thing…for a year.  I know that they are still praying, but I just keep things to myself.
Last Sunday, I didn’t.  I remembered that I had some post it notes in my bag and I pulled one out.  I put down 4 things:
1)  to be approved
2)  for the dad’s death certificate to be in before the Oct. 14th deadline
3) for the paperwork to be turned in by Oct. 14th deadline
4)  I get hired for the supervisors position
I slipped my post it to Nina and she said that she would put it on her mirror and pray over each thing on the list.  I am humbled because she was willing.
On Monday (after the Post It)….I got a call stating that the death certificate was HERE after we had been told that it would take at least 3 days to a week to have it translated and sent.  Then, at work, on that same Monday, I got offered the supervisors position AND all the paperwork is being sent today or tomorrow.
So, yesterday, before even telling Nina how her dedicated prayers affected our lives, she said “hey, I like the post its…got anymore, I want to write on one and I need a new one for you!”  I told her of my exciting news…she about jumped out of her chair….we squealed at the graciousness of God.  I whipped out my post it’s and now I have one for her and she has an updated one for me.
My challenge for you…find a friend…someone you trust…get some post its…see how God can answer YOUR prayers this week.


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