Mom VS Mom

Homeschool vs Public school vs Private school
Breastfeeding vs Bottle feeding
Co-sleeping vs cry it out
Stay home mom vs Working mom
Why is it that we, as women, choose to battle each other.  Not every woman battles, but there are some that…good grief….need to get a grip.  It is exhausting to listen to the many pros and cons of how to be the “best” at mothering children.
I was raised with a stay at home mom, who eventually became a college mom, who eventually became a working mom.  I’m okay.
I have one sister who has worked, bottle fed and sent her kids to public school.  She her kids are fine.
I have a sister who has worked, stayed at home, bottle fed, breastfed, public school, private school and homeschooled and her kids are fine.
Personally, I have been a stay at home mom for 16 yrs, a working mom for 10 mths, a public school mom, a private school mom and a home schooling mom and a mom who has breastfed and bottle fed her kiddoes…..they are fine.
Let’s find some harmony here, lets realize that we are all, for the most part, trying to raise our children the best way we can.  Our goal is not for them to be “superstars” but for them to rise up, be salt and light and to live for the Lord in all that they do.
Have I enjoyed working….not so much.  There are days when I do and days that I don’t.  I can say, I’ve been blessed by meeting some WONDERFUL people whom I would’ve never met had I not started my job.  I do miss homeschooling.  It was fun, I enjoyed it and my kids enjoyed it.
I’m thoroughly exhausted on any given day.  My house is a mess, my kids don’t bathe every day, I snuggle excessively with my husband because I miss him when I work.  I can’t make every meeting, I can’t make every appointment.  My windows are CLEARLY not clean and there is lots to do.  I can say, I love my Lord, I love my husband and I love my children.
Support each other…realize that everyone isn’t cut from the same cloth.  Respect each other’s differences and above all, follow the command to “love one another”.

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