The events of yesterday….

Didn’t end with no word from immigration.

Didn’t end with the denial for Gigi therapy.

Didn’t end with my family coming home from the ballgame for missions and one kid had a bruise on their cheek from the other kids “excitement” over the teeter totter….She teeted….he was totted upside the head.

Didn’t end with the oldest of the bunch, coming in and her face looked like she had been slapped upside the head on both cheeks.  She was so sunburned, it was pathetic…then she couldn’t breathe, then her hip feels “out of socket”…tough being a 15 yr old who had been athletic for one whole day and is living to regret it.

Didn’t end with Big Daddy coming in, practically falling over because he had chest pains.  He was moaning, thrashing, sweating, and swearing (which he never does anymore).  

It ended at the ER with Big Daddy….There was sat….forever…waiting on results of an EKG, x-rays and blood work.  His symptoms calmed, after he calmed….he felt better and yet he felt bad because we were there and there were other things that we should’ve been doing.  There were things that needed to be done, but his health far takes precedence over anything else.

I’m thankful, today, that he is fine…grouchy, but fine 🙂

We did, today, for the first time as a family, skipped church.  It has been an exhausting weekend and we slept in.  Our pastor, bless him, called to check on us because we have such a large family, we are noticed when we are gone.  I love my church family and am so blessed by each and every person.

We are gearing up for AWANA tonight, so very excited to see what the Lord is going to do in the lives of the children that will be there.

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