As of my choice to leave fb…..it is nice to know, that due to my reasons, I still, at the age I am…have a sister that has offered to kick someones behind on my behalf……Love to K 🙂 🙂

Much to my chagrin, I headed out, this morning (way to early, I might add) to my MIL’s house.  There was no grass growing under her feet because she was at the door, off the porch before I even got out of the car.  She is the driver, I’m the navigator and twice a year, we try to go to our city’s city wide yardsale.  Map in hand, coke in hand, yawn’s still happening, we are headed off.

I never expect any “finds” because I believe that our first year out was our landmark year.  So, occasionally we find things, more so than not, we are yearning for lunch at our favorite restaurant “Dumplins'”  love love love their rolls.

This year, was a year of unexpected things.  I found lots of nice clothes for my kids, toys still in boxes, stuffed animals for my dog and lots and lots of great books for the kids.  So exciting to feel like there is a positive going on…even if it is yard sale items.

We enjoyed our lunch at Dumplin’s a little too much and the dessert was fabulous!

Sad thing is, is that all good things must come to an end.  My life, over the last 2 yrs has been peppered with goodness but has been overshadowed with lots and lots of bads and downs.  I mean LOTS AND LOTS.  Today, was no exception.  I used to look for a miracle in every day, now I look for the bad because I know that it is swirling behind every single closed door.  Today, it was closed in the mailbox.

It’s not what you think, it was nothing from immigration, but it was still not good.  We’ve been trying to get Gigi into intense therapy and today, we got word that shew as denied.  Denied….seriously denied.  It is a huge letdown and I was hoping beyond hopes that this would be the answer to all of her psychological issues.  We’d finally get some help.  Finally, someone who would listen to me and to her.

Another day, another disappointment………..I’m so tired of expecting the bad.  I try to look for some great miracle, but the miracles are not being handed out to our family.


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