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What would you do?

If you were given the opportunity to solve all of one major issue in your life?  

Would you jump on it?

Would you pray about it first?

Would you go to the phone instead of the throne?

What *would* you do?

Say you were offered a job….took it to “help” with the problem, in hopes of solving it.  Several months later…problem still not solved and you are still working at the job, as before.  Nothing has really changed with the exception of YOUR ENTIRE LIFE and YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY.  Yet, you continue, daily to make that sacrifice.

Then, one day, out of the blue, from a “higher up” who is quite scared of you because of what you have caught said supervisor doing comes up and says that you should apply for a supervisors position and that the “higher up” will back you up 100%. 

Knowing this, knowing it solidifies a full time position and *may* have a small pay raise…..the first thought that runs through you head is “this will make it all better….take the job….get a letter written…send it to the powers that be regarding the huge issue…..get what you have desired for almost a year….quit the job all together.”  Woot Woot.  It will all be over soon.

Is this direction deceitful?

Is this unethical?

Is this okay because the place you are at is compared to the cesspool of hell and you want to “stick it to” the powers that be and walk away laughing at their misfortune?

Then, as you are making the long trek home, you get to thinking…..

Would Jesus take this offer, do what was stated earlier, get the prize and then leave people hanging?  

Is this a way to humanly make the problem go away or is this God’s will?

Are you seeking your own way to resolve this or are you being patient and waiting on God? 

What *would* you do?

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