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I am ashamed….

Utterly ashamed….we, as a whole, are never fully satisfied…we want more more more. More toys, newer toys, better cars, better clothes…we buy and buy and buy.  Only to do what, sell what was “last year” at a yard sale for a quarter when it probably cost WAY more than that.  

My Wednesday night girls, at church, are hosting a yard sale fundraiser for our family.  I’m so incredibly grateful for their willingness to donate items, bake goodies, work the sale, haul it off when it doesn’t sell…I truly am.  On the flip side, as I go through my house, thinking I have nothing to contribute….well, I have tons to contribute and even more in garbage bags.  There is no telling how much money I’ve spent in ink and paper to print off half the crap that I “can’t” throw away.  Well, today…I’m throwing it away.  I have4 garbage bags full of stuff and a whole bunch more that is stacked and ready to contribute to our fundraiser.

It is embarrassing how many things I have, that I don’t use, but intend to keep because I “might need it” one day.  Why would one person need 3 sets of placemats?  I have 2 tables…these placemats have been put in the closet for the last 3 yrs.  Seriously, am I gonna use them, uh…no.  I’m not.  Who has time to put down placemats anyway.  I have good intentions of things looking pretty, but we also know that the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions.  

I cleaned off my Bible shelf (literally 2 shelves of Bibles)…WHO NEEDS THAT MANY BIBLES?  There are some that I will keep, the kids Bibles we bought when they were babies and ones that Bart and I had from growing up…but seriously….2 Life Application Study Bibles, 2 Chronological Study Bibles, an Archaelogical one, an Apologetics one, an Inspiring one, Jewish Bible, KJV, MANual, Couples, Rainbow….WHO NEEDS THIS MANY?  I was blowing the dust off of them :/  I have one I keep upstairs for my QT, one I take to church and one little one I keep in my purse to read on break.  The rest….would be considered shelf dressing.  “Look how good I am because I have so many Bibles.”  Look a little closer and you’ll notice that the binding hasn’t even been broken in.  **no, these Bibles will not be sold, they will be given away for free**

There are about a dozen scarves, a dozen mismatched gloves and hats, flat sheets never used, pictures frames never touched…all of this is CRAP.  I want my home to reflect my heart.  When there is this much clutter in my home, that is a picture of my heart.  I need “crap” to fill my heart (so I think).  I don’t need the crap, I  need the ONE TRUE GOD.  I need to learn what is important.  When I want to buy something else that is completely useless…fine…take the money you’d spend on that useless item, but it in a jar and send items or that money to orphanages.  Donate money to Dhera for pipes to bring those people clean water.  Take it to Nashville, to the Bridge Street Ministry and buy a homeless person some shoes.  Go to Marcella’s Kitchen and donate that money for food to feed the homeless, right here in your own community.

I am ashamed.  I’m choosing, through the example of Christ to get the crap out of my house and my heart and putting it towards the kingdom that matters.


This is our journey of adoption, love, homeschooling and living life to the fullest.....even if we do live in chaos (can't have anyone over syndrome).

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