101 things in 1001 Days

Starting date:  April 9, 2010 
Ending date:  January 4, 2013

1.  Bring home Abinet
2.  Begin an adoption ministry
3.  Read Bible daily
4.  Pray for those on prayer lists
5.  Do acts of kindness 
6.  Complete a Bible study
7.  Book 18 Thirty-One parties (I’ve booked 3)
8.  Begin the Dave Ramsey plan
9.  Drink only 1 coke per day
10. Read Radical
11.  Read Crazy Love
12.  Share my testimony
13.  Stop swearing
14.  No sweets for a month
15.  Fine a home for Paco 🙁
16.  Put my pictures in a scrapbook
17.  Fix my flowerbed
18.  Memorize Psalm 139
19.  Organize my files
20.  Do a household inventory with pictures
21.  See a broadway show
22.  Go to a play
24.  Take kids to Disney
25.  Take a photography class
26.  Get a proper camera
27.  Go to the Grand Canyon
28.  Go to New York
29.  Lose 50 lbs.
31.  Become fluent in sign language
32.  Put all my recipes together in a book
33.  Learn how to can
34.  Get Lasik surgery
35.  Paint the kitchen
36.  Fix the laundry room ceiling
37.  Finish the hall
38.  Finish the kids bathroom
39.  Ride the train
40.  Go to the drive in with the kids
41.  Play in the rain
42.  Make and keep dentist appt.
43.  Buy a new comforter
44.  Make handmade Christmas gifts for family members
45.  Go to the Garden of the Gods
46.  Take kids to see the Superman statute
47.  Go to Washington DC
48.  Be debt free
49.  Eat out 1 time per week for 3 mths.
50.  Hold coupon classes
51.  Forgive those who hurt me
52.  Say I love you first
53.  Adopt a sibling group
54.  Maintain my garden
55.  Date night once a month
56.  Get a fitted for a bra
57.  No fast food for a month
58.  Dinner by candlelight once a month
59.  Send flowers to someone
60.  Read the entire Bible
61.  List 5 blessings per day
62.  Maintain my girliness
63.  Take a shooting class
64.  Cook something different every night for a month
65.  Learn Spanish
66.  Go on a mission trip
67.  Support missionaries for a year
68.  Clean out woods
69.  Fence in side yard
70.  Get a horse
71.  Start riding said horse
72.  Graduate Victoria
73.  Hug G everyday and mean it
74.  Educate others about RAD
75.  Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen that start with each letter of the alphabet.
76.  Take the kids to the beach
77.  Ride in a limo
78.  Document my accomplishments through photos
79.  Visit a state that I haven’t been too before (New Jersey)
80.  Go on an impromptu mini vacation
81.  Maintain a pedicure
82.  Learn how to quilt
83.  Pick a project that I haven’t finished and finish it
84.  Learn how to sew
85.  Teach my girls how to sew
86.  Blog daily
87.  Adopt a soldier
88.  Get emergency supplies organized
89.  Go on a weekend away with Tera and Kim
90.  Convert my camcorder tapes to DVDs
91.  Go on walks with the kids, one at a time during the summer
92.  Start an herb garden
93.  Learn more about computers
95.  Find cell phone
96.  Home school my kids again
97.  Shadow drawings of my kids
98.  Have professional pictures made of my family
99.  Go golfing with Bart
100.  Get a recycling system going
101.  Start a new list of 101 things to do in 1001 days.

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