I will finish before my next trip….but……

Does the word IMMIGRATION give anyone else diarrhea, or is it just me…..

I’m on edge, just slightly….getting nervous about the possibility of getting my letter today (the mail lady just pulled up, yet I’m too much of a chicken to go and see if my letter is there), tomorrow or the first of the week.

What do I do when I get nervous?  I organize.  A lot.  Plus with the stinky stomach bug that has invaded my house, I’m feeling bleach coming on.  My first and foremost job was my rooster (yes, rooster, not kids…I know…mother of the year).  I made him a make shift home, while he is recovering from being beat up by my bitties (that would be my hens).  Not sure what is going on there, but doctored him up, gave him a little home, outside the coop, yet protected from the cool weather.  He is eating and he is strutting just a bit more because he is getting some one on one love.  

Next…laundry…massive amounts of laundry.  It is an ongoing battle that I face, but I count it as joy that we have clothes to wear (okay, so let’s say that I count it as joy because Bug is feeling well enough to fold the massive amounts I washed, yesterday).  Dishes are done…with the exception of 1 puke bowl, which I will be scalding shortly.

I have since attacked my mantle. It is full of “pretties” and it is a pain in my butt to dust.  It is also a collect all of things that I don’t want to deal with or things the kids find.  I have them put it on the mantle.  Bad, I know, but at least it is a centralized location, where stuff doesn’t get lost….it just gets covered up.  I tackled that beast and now it is shiny…I will now move onto my adoption basket and then matriculate into the laundry room to do some paperwork. 

BTW, Bug is fighting the being sick the previous day, hangover.  She is pretty pathetic.  Boo and Catfish are better…..till they move.  G is down with the cooties and secluded in her room.  Peach…I just won’t share what is coming our of her, right now…she wouldn’t appreciate it.

So….I’m gonna woman up and head to the mailbox. It will either be disappoint because there is no letter or fear because there is a letter and what it might say.  Not sure what I’m hoping for….

**to be continued** 


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