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Many Opportunities to help!


You can go to this link and see what new things we have for sale (courtesy of my mom).  Please pass this onto anyone you think might be interested.  The prices are under each picture.  If there is a specific wreath you’d like, just fire me an email and I’ll pass it onto my mom.  She will make it, but then send a picture for your approval.

COUPON CLASS (date change)

Our coupon class will be held on August 24th from 5:30 till whenever 🙂 at the visitors center at Mike Miller Park.

My goal for this class will be
*to teach general couponing lingo and tips,

*give tutorials on helpful websites,

…*detail how to set up scenarios to save the most money

*highlight specific tips for each local store.

I hope to give you the tools you need to COMBINE store sales, with coupons AND store incentives all at the same time to get the MOST out of pocket savings possible.

Below is an example of one month’s spending and saving for my family of 6. This tracks every dollar spent on food, toiletries, eating out, clothing, misc. etc. (Everything except fixed monthly bills.)

Total Shelf cost: $1,251.05
Total Coupons savings: $275.47
Total savings from sales: $531.08
Total Rebates/ store incentives: $132.50
Total COMBINED savings: $939.05

Total OUT OF POCKET expense: $323.00
Savings of 74.18%

We ended the month with the cupboards and freezer full!!


We will be collecting these, as well.  Just send me an email or comment here!

We truly appreciate your willingness to help our family and we are anxious for you to meet our new little one!
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