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This is so how I feel, right now

This is absolutely the BEST description of what a RAD child is like:

I’ve got it, I live it, I eat it, I breathe it.  They have it and so they inflict it on you.  In case you’re reading this and can’t imagine, let me explain it to you this way … a dog gets run over and he’s lying in the street, not dead, but severely hurt.  You reach out to try & help the dog and because he’s in so much pain, all he can do is react, so he bites you.  You come at him from another angle because you see he desperately needs help.  You try again, he bites you again.  This continues until you get professional help with the right tools or you finally give up and leave the dog to die.  This is probably the very best way to describe how I feel.

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