How do I teach, this raddish child?????!!!!

Granted, I started school, yesterday, but this has been the last 2 days.  Bug 10th, Peach 7th, Boo 4th, Gigi who knows some 3rd, some 4th and Catfish K.

Get up and grooving by 8.  
I do my personal quiet time.
Take out dogs.
Eat bfast.
Get dressed.
Do chores. 
Begin schoolwork.
I print out a VERY detailed schedule for each child.  It is very very clear, as to what they are supposed to do for the day.  Not for the week, but for the DAY. 

Bug pretty much can work independently…asking a few questions throughout the day.
Peach does much work by herself, with the exception of Math and we work on that together.
Boo, Gigi and Catfish still work with me on about 95% of their work.

Table work (I sit in the middle and I work with one child at a time…as needed).  We all work together.  I have found that Gigi can not be in the room with us, she will not work.  We work our tails off.  As they complete a subject, they give it to me…I grade it, immediately and then log it down.  This lasts from about 8:30-12:30.  

Dogs out again.
Quiet time, which means that they take the things that they can do on their own, to their rooms and work.  Most of this is reading, spelling, etc.  It gives me a chance to regroup, have some alone time and start supper
Dad gets home by 4.

During this time, all this time….NONE OF HER WORK GETS DONE!  She does part of it, I check it, correct it, tell her what to redo, answer questions, send her back to her room.  She can’t be around ANY distraction.  She says it is done, but I can never seem to find it, in her notebooks.  It is currently 9:00 pm and she is still doing her work.  She *needs* someone standing over her, all the time.  That’s how it was in public school and private school.  She exasperated the teachers and sent them in a tizzy.  

We feel led to HS her, as we do all our children.  I’m just tired and do not know a good way to get her to learn.  Start her on lower grade work?  How is that gonna help?  Give her the answers that she so desperately wants for her work?  How is that gonna help?  Stand over her, constantly?  How is that gonna help the other children?

She’s been tested, medicated, off meds, changed meds, back on old meds, gets plenty of sleep, eats like a horse…..I have no idea what to do.  No discipline works.  We’ve taken everything out of her room; she doesn’t care.  We’ve put her in the corner; she doesn’t care.  We’ve given the other children fun privileges while she has to sit in her room; she doesn’t care.  We’ve spanked, it has no effect.  We’ve practiced planned ignoring; she doesn’t care.  What on earth can be done….we’ve been through many therapists, tried counselors, pastors, changed curriculum, held her back a year……………..

I’m up for ANY suggestions that ANYONE might have.  I know my God placed her in our home, for a reason.  Please, Lord, help me see it and see her through your eyes.

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