Cutie #6

He is nickname free….we’ll have to work on that. We think he is 3ish, will be 4ish when he comes to his forever home. Excitement….that word doesn’t even cover it. We are beyond thrilled!

He looks like a chocolate Catfish LOL (according to my MIL). He has beautiful big brown eyes and a smile that can melt your heart in a moment. We are thrilled to be adding to our family, although we know that there will, obviously, be a HUGE adjustment (ie not speaking English, toddler, time change, food change, emotions from other 5 kiddoes, etc).

We serve a BIG God who loves my son (and all my other children) far more than I can even fathom. He has this all worked out and I pray, daily, that His presence will in every nook and cranny of our home as we make this transition.

I wish I could post a pic, but I’m not able too, just yet…..keep your eyes peeled for our newest addition!

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