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Peachy Girl

Peach, 12, she isn’t a wannabe flower child, she IS flower child LOL. She marches to the beat of a different drum and I love it. She was the sweetest, fattest little baby, ever! She was so happy and full of giggles and fun. Her imagination is fantastic. She would come to “school” everyday in an evening gown and a tiara. She plays in her room, for hours. She loves all animals, but especially horses. She is the animal whisperer. She can calm the most frightening dog. She loves to read and her favorite thing to do is color. She *loves loves* to color!

She was recently saved and she strives to walk the walk and talk the talk….it is a work in progress. She struggles, but the Holy Spirit wins more times than not. She is trying to find her niche’ at church and right now, she has been spreading her wings by singing at church. She has also been helping with our special needs class. She loves to help.

She is *very* blunt. When she was little, I remember her gently caressing my MIL’s face and saying “Mimi, you are so beautiful….I love you so much….your breath smells bad.” She never misses a beat and she isn’t malicious when she makes these bold statements. She is so precious and her vivacious attitude and her walk with the Lord will get her very far, in this world in whatever she chooses to do.

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