My Oldest Daughter Bug

My Oldest Daughter Bug.¬† Bug, 14, flower child wannabe ūüôā She is super smart. I know this because she corrects me on any/everything when I’m wrong.¬† Of course, she does it with a side of grace. She is one that uses her imagination in her artwork, poetry, writing and she thrives on learning new things. Diligent, she will not stop until it is mastered. She tends to get flustered when something doesn’t work out the way she pictured it. Her talents include¬†crocheting, knitting, cross stitching, painting fiend.

Her Walk with Jesus

Her walk with the Lord is amazing, she is a very centered young lady who only sees black and white (sin and good). There is no gray with her, at all. Example: we went to the movies and before we went, I brought a big purse and put some snacks and drinks in it (instead of buying it). Once the movie started and I began handing stuff out, she asked me where I bought it.

She Only Sees Black and White

I told her at Walmart and she said that we can’t bring food into the theatre that wasn’t bought there, so we shouldn’t eat it because it was wrong. Well, that just let the wind out of my sails. I had never thought of it. I thought more along the lines of it was extortion how much they charge for things. That’s my girl…bringing new thoughts, bringing scripture and what is good and right to a world (a person) who has been desensitized to so many things over the years.

A Child of Grace

She handles, even the worst of situations with grace, dignity, and forgiveness. My knee-jerk reaction is grudges and looking for revenge. She has tempered that in me, praise be. She is showing me that it can be handled right because God is our avenger and He loves us (and the one who sins against us/hurts us). Humbling. I simply adore her. Every odd, offbeat thing she does or says. When she talks, she talks 90 to nothing. I usually only catch every third word or so. She reads like nobody’s business and she loves…..unconditionally, even when I screw up.


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