What a week

I’ve successfully gotten my approval on my dossier, so it is ready to mail.

T drove (thank you) some papers to Frankfort and is dropping them off at Arise for me.

I sent my Lifesong application off.

My homestudy is being written.

I’ve got a spot reserved (thank you, C) for Tater Day and she is picking up my stuff to sell.

Almost got my Abba Fund application finished.

M&M fundraiser….not sure what the outcome will be $$ wise (thank you S), but all the goodies have been handed out. S handed out several and then I had a church offer to use our family as their monthly ministry opportunity ­čÖé Thank you Ginger and Kristi!

Still praying for finances…seeing God’s hand move all over the place. Tired, but excited to see what He is going to do this Tater Day weekend!

So, aside from the pinched behind, due to a broken toilet seat (thanks dh LOL), a tick in my bellybutton (thanks to my dogs), vomit in a bed (thanks Peach), vomit in the hall on my new floor (thanks Catfish) and a massive water leak from my dishwasher (thanks GE)……..the sun is shining, God is still on the throne, He has been faithful to me and blessed me with living out my dream, daily. Now, I walk in His light, give Him all the glory and wait with baited breathe for how He is going to provide for our adoption.

Giving Him all the glory and honor!

Thank you Lord, for cleaning up after the beauties that You have entrusted to me. Thank you for a warm, happy home and able hands to hand wash dishes, thank You Lord for a God fearing husband who loves his Lord and his family. Praising You for great friends and wonderful opportunities to see You work.

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