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1st Homestudy Today

Oh, wow… went better than expected. We are blessed to have a worker who has recently adopted 1 baby from Ethiopia and is fixing to travel to pick up her 2nd baby. She will have 2 infants, 7 mths apart. She was a great source to talk to. She had some questions for us, just our reasons and then she proceeded to tell us some good news (for now, anyways).

It was stated, by the Ethiopian government that adoptive parents had to make 2 trips to the country. Once for court (where we’d both have to travel) and then in 6 wks, to pick up our son. They are not “requiring” this right now. Now, that can change at the drop of a hat. But, for now, we only have to make one trip (Praise be to God) and that will be the trip to meet and bring home our son. B is going to go with was a decision in the making, but our worker (and T) encouraged us both to go and experience this life change.

She shared with us her story of meeting her son’s birthmother. It was touching and something that I don’t think I’ll ever be fully prepared for until it happens. And then, I’ll just soak in the moment and take pictures and just be.

Nerves are setting in, in hopes that our son “may” be home by the end of summer and money is still such an unknown. God will provide. He will provide. I have to believe that and know that His hand is all over this.

I have these secret thoughts…………not so much desires, but “feelings” that we may bring home 2 LOL….maybe, maybe not. God’s will be done, that’s all I’ve got to say about that 🙂

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