I am one tired chickadee

I’ve been working on the house, trying to get it to where I don’t wince when the worker comes for our home visit. I *had* goals today, but alas…I started doing something else. I got out the leaf blower and I blew leaves off of my pea gravel, bushes, patio, and everywhere else. Them suckers wedge in and it takes an act of congress to get them out. I blew all the leaves out of my flower beds. The kids cleaned up the yard and helped me to re-position the slate rocks that cover part of my patio. Boo cleaned off the pool deck, I got all the nails driven into the balcony, so it is ready to sand and stain. I had a friend over and he helped finish the border around the front door, so now I only have to paint the door, itself (and clean up where he got a little wild). He got the laundry room sanded down, so it is ready to paint. It’s been a pretty productive day.

I’m tired, but I have a sense of accomplishment. I also got all my papers notarized. I didn’t get my tax form or my other income form in the mail, but we still have tomorrow. I’m all ready to for my homestudy visit, tomorrow!

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