Lots accomplished

Yesterday, I got quite a bit accomplished!

*I filled out more paperwork.

*Dropped off the forms for the police dept.

*Picked up my a copy of my water bill (why they need that is beyond me)

*Went to DCBS and got my friend to do a financial on us and she is doing a reference letter.

*Picked up 2 pair of glasses and 2 sets of contacts.

*Went to the bank. Praised God for His provisions.

*Mailed off my KSP check, my child abuse/neglect form and I mailed in our immigration forms.

*Saved a ton of money at CVS and Save A Lot (did you know they had coupons!)

It’s coming along…………..

Prayers: for those people, who have chosen Ethiopia for their adoptions and peace as the government continues to make some big changes. For God to provide all of our financial needs, since they have increased. Peace and continued wisdom and discernment for us to continue walking in His path. Jude……….pray for our son.


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