A peace that surpasses all understanding

I had the privilege to talk to a dear friend today. I’m so thankful that we got to connect and I had the opportunity to talk about everything that I needed too (thanks M)!

In speaking with her, I got a completely different perspective on the adoption track. I’m familiar with adopting through the foster care system (praising Him for Gigi and Catfish), I’m familiar with international adoption (praising Him for M & J2)….domestic private infant adoption…….not so much.

Fears subsided and peace was poured over me as I said “I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my son is waiting for me.” Whether that son has yet to be born, in the states or whether he is waiting for me in Ethiopia. I knew. I know. I have peace. Praise be to God.

While I was sitting here couponing (my newest save money adventure), I was talking with dh about my great conversation with M and about our options. If we take money (trusting God will provide) and the time it will take to hold our son (domestic and international are about the same)….we had a choice to make. Bless our home with a t-tiny baby or a toddler. This isn’t like buying a car or finding a house. This is relying on God to determine our path and carefully walk where He shines the lamp unto our feet. Me…….I’d adopt all the orphans in the world, with a joyful heart. I’m happy just knowing that God is going to bless us again. One day, we may walk down the path again ­čÖé Only God knows that!

We have definitely feel led to go to Africa. We have peace that surpasses all understanding. I’m a leg up on my dossier. I have my first meeting with my homestudy agency in a couple of weeks. Things are moving. God is moving.

Prayers: Continue praying for our son and for the millions of orphans across the globe. Still trusting in Him to provide the finances.

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