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A peace that surpasses all understanding

I had the privilege to talk to a dear friend today. I’m so thankful that we got to connect and I had the opportunity to talk about everything that I needed too (thanks M)!

In speaking with her, I got a completely different perspective on the adoption track. I’m familiar with adopting through the foster care system (praising Him for Gigi and Catfish), I’m familiar with international adoption (praising Him for M & J2)….domestic private infant adoption…….not so much.

Fears subsided and peace was poured over me as I said “I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my son is waiting for me.” Whether that son has yet to be born, in the states or whether he is waiting for me in Ethiopia. I knew. I know. I have peace. Praise be to God.

While I was sitting here couponing (my newest save money adventure), I was talking with dh about my great conversation with M and about our options. If we take money (trusting God will provide) and the time it will take to hold our son (domestic and international are about the same)….we had a choice to make. Bless our home with a t-tiny baby or a toddler. This isn’t like buying a car or finding a house. This is relying on God to determine our path and carefully walk where He shines the lamp unto our feet. Me…….I’d adopt all the orphans in the world, with a joyful heart. I’m happy just knowing that God is going to bless us again. One day, we may walk down the path again ūüôā Only God knows that!

We have definitely feel led to go to Africa. We have peace that surpasses all understanding. I’m a leg up on my dossier. I have my first meeting with my homestudy agency in a couple of weeks. Things are moving. God is moving.

Prayers: Continue praying for our son and for the millions of orphans across the globe. Still trusting in Him to provide the finances.


This is our journey of adoption, love, homeschooling and living life to the fullest.....even if we do live in chaos (can't have anyone over syndrome).

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