Can I just say

That choosing an adoption agency is HARD! KY is so so so slow on the immigration paperwork that it needs to go in the mail, pronto…yet…we are having a hard time finding and agency that clicks with us.

I have talked to so many. Phone conversations do have an impression. I’ve spoken with people that have the personality of a rock. Discouraging, encouraging, informative and down right nice people. Still, I don’t have that fit or that peace.

God is moving………He is moving……….He is going to show up and He is going to do it in a mighty way.

Prayers: That God opens (flings and permanently opens) an agency that is God fearing and dedicated to these little blessings. That we can send the immigration forms off and get it through with Godspeed. That He continues to cover our son with His loving graces and mercies.

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