Well, I finally received some of our birth certificates, but in the second order (yes, I had to have 2 separate orders because there are so many of us) ended up at Petter’s Business LOL….Luckily, my mom lives right there and she is picking them up.

The man called yesterday (albeit our phones weren’t working) and left this very slow, detailed message about how and why he got my package. He also mentioned “sine I opened it” that it “looked important”. Well, YES, it is important. Bless his heart LOL.

Gonna call our agency today and confirm a few things with them before sending off that chunk o’ money.

Prayers: Keep our son safe, healthy and fed. Protect his birth family, if they are still with us. God’s graces and mercies and for Him to give us a peace and to not worry about the money. It will be there. He will provide. Praise You, Jehovah Jireh!

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