It is amazing how raw your children can be….when you allow them to open up….with no fear of being disciplined.  Last night, B began a Bible study with the kids.  He based it off of this website We talked about how we have all these “issues” and whether or not we go to the Lord, in prayer, with the issues or we try to tackle them on our own.

It was very humbling to look at all these little children and confess where you struggle.  After that confession, I was asked if I took my struggle to the Lord…..I had to tell them, no…not consistently.  Wow, the look on their faces.  Then, I had the question of “how’s that working for you, mom”  LOL.  Well, it isn’t working too well.  I got the opportunity, with my sweetie to minister to our children and then to have them minister to us.  They saw that we were human and we are not immune to issues and problems.  Praise God for that moment of sweetness. Take this time to talk with your children.  Hold them and love them.  As my sister said …. they grow while we are sleeping.  Yes, they grow, yes they move on, yes they soar off that mountaintop, but your season of prayer for these precious souls never ends.

Lord………….I believe!  Help me with my unbelief!




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