Where has it gone?

You know, sitting here, listening to my kids so excited that I’m letting them swim…I wonder….where has the time gone?

I have 5 kids, 5, 8, 8, 11 and almost 14….my 4 younger ones are so lost in today and what adventures it will hold.  They’ve already found, identified through a book and named a grasshopper, saved a cat from a tree, have spied at least 2 lizards to catch and are happily riding their bikes up and down the hill.  There are no worries, no concerns, no thought of pain or hurt….just adventures.

Then, there is Bug. She is turning that corner from child to young woman.  I sit and look at her and I see that infant that I would hold so closely, as I nursed her.  She is perfectly content to read books, design things, study, learn and her main focus is on seeking God’s truth on courting and preparing herself to be a wife… day.  She cooked her first full meal, she has mastered the art of laundry, she knows how to CLEAN CLEAN, organize and teach other people.  Gone are the days of barbies, paper dolls and doll houses.  Gone are the “silly” movies and all of that has been replaced with learning more about global warming, detailed study of creation and the true meaning of life and her purpose.  She has discovered that her purpose is to do nothing more than to bring God pleasure, delight and glory.  Her eyes are turning away from me and towards her future.  In 4 short years, she will be 18…..where does it go?

We’ve had discusses of life, attributes she should look for in a potential mate, how awesome our God is and a current discuss (or a revisit) of out “weekend” that we had a couple of years ago.  We did a program called “Passport to Purity.”  Not only did it open my eyes to more truths than I realized, but it set her on the path for courting and not dating.  We don’t talk about makeup, perfect hairstyles or the right clothes.

I’m going to blink my eyes and it will be time to start a new season of my life.  I’m praying that God prepares my soul.


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  1. I remember the same things yet now I have to ask someone when and what I can do with my children. I want to watch the innocence on their faces and listen to the argueing but there are people in thisworld that love nothing more than to hurt innocent children. Tell me how that is fair. I am trying to keep my faith but in timeslike this it really makes yo wonder. I seen my daughter today and my last image is of her bottom lip quivering and crying “I want to go with you Mommy” I go see my son in the psych ward and I wish it was me. No one really understands until they have been there but they are the first ones to say they know how I feel. I worry about those 2 wonderful kids and the crap that they are going through and it makes me sick. Prayers are every minute of every day and yet when I think it can’t get any worse….it does

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