I need cheese.

How is it, that my one week that I plan on doing, not much of anything, turns into a babysitting fiesta and an organizing extravaganza?

I got some unplanned news, the other day, so God and I had a meeting of the minds. We had a long long talk and the only thing I got out of the discussion was “be still and KNOW that I am GOD.”

I’m not so good at the “still” part. So, that being said, I gutted my kitchen, cleaned every crook and cranny. Redid all the cabinets and the pantry, attacked the fridge. My husband won’t be able to find anything when he gets back from Emmaus on Sunday.

I thought, well, today, I’ll just relax, ha…funny, right? I have a friend in need, who I’ve had the privilege to counsel with her. She dropped her kids off with me, so I have 7 kids…youngest is 5, oldest is 13 and several in the middle. There has been face paint galore, dogs barking, music blaring and new critters discovered, outside.

While I’m watching the kids………I decided to organize my game closet. Who does that, you may ask…well, I do. When I’m bothered or upset, I tend to clean or organize. My mom always knows when something is wrong. She calls, asks what I’m doing and I tell her I’m cleaning. She knows. She prays. She tries to pry the info out of me and sometimes succeeds 😉

Well, now, most all pieces to the games are found, all little pieces to over 40 games are in baggies and the games are stacked according to size, shape, color and age. Pathetic, I know.

On the other side of my game closet (it is a really really big closet), is my craft section. So I organized my sewing box and bag, folded all the pieces of material and flattened and organized the patterns. I also got into my yarn basket and took care of that little eye sore.

Not sure what else I’m going to tackle…I’m feeling the front closet and the homeschool closet. I have some issues with closets, cabinets and drawers. They get cleaned before the rest of my house. My junk drawer is all put together, I love it.

So, here’s to praying that I don’t throw something away, that we need, don’t scare my kids, remember to feed the other kids (crap, forgot that) and get all my cleaning done.

If you need anything done, don’t hesitate to ask. Once my house gets done, I’ll be needing somewhere else to go. I must ask, though, that when I show up, have a ton of chocolate, coke and you must leave the area. I’m not responsible for you not being able to find anything when i’m done.

I think I’m gonna go eat me a bowl of parmesan cheese, that sounds nice.

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