Day by Day

Moment by moment….He is our Sovereign God.  He is my Sustainer, my Protector and my Friend….when no one else is.

I’ve been doing better, still not quite pulled myself up by the bootstraps, but at least I’m seeing rays of light shining in. The Son is shining so brightly, that I can still see it, even when my eyes are closed.

Today, I visited my mom.  What a great day, we had.  She cooked all my favorites!  Fried chicken, mac & cheese, green beans and potatoes and even made no bake cookies.  We talked, worshipped together and played the worst game of scrabble in the history of scrabble.

Then only little ‘moment’ was when Papa fussed at Catfish for doing something that he shouldn’t be doing.  Oh, it was devastating to Catfish…absolutely devastating.  He wanted an excuse for why papa chose to “holler” at him.  It was pretty darn funny, if you ask me.  The kids got their schoolwork done (much to Jojo’s chagrin) and they watched a bit too much tv (much to my chagrin).

Today was the first day that I’ve felt total peace.  Praise God.


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