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Feeling a little lonely.

I have one  child (Peach) gone with her girl scout troop to six flags..she won’t be back till tomorrow night and my Boo is spending the night with his Mimi.  She has been really great about getting the kids, one at a time and having them spend the night.  She started with Bug, then Peach and now Boo…only 2 more kids to go before she starts all over again.  I’m thrilled  that they are spending time with her.  They need that one on one.

So, here I sit…I have one puking, one just being loud and Bug being my little mini me.  We have done laundry, cleaned the kitchen, stitched up shorts, picked up the house, bathed 2 of the 4 dogs and she planted a bush for me.  Now, I’ve rewarded her with an RC and we are watching National Treasure because she wanted to watch an “adult” movie LOL.  I’m so glad this is PG 😉

Daddy is on his way home from dropping Boo off, apparently he has lofty aspirations as to what he is going to accomplish today.  We’ll see how far he gets in this heat 😉

Tata to all 😉

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