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Crossings Camp

Can I just say a resounding HOORAH!  for the staff at Crossings Camp.  My bil puts so much of his time and effort and prayers into these camps..whether in the US or abroad.  He prayerfuly hires great, Godly men and women who love the Lord and are excited to share the Good News to these children.  Praise God for their dedication and willingness to seek His direction in their lives and for this camp.

I just picked up 2 13 yr. old girls from camp and they are BALLISTICALLY in love with Christ and they had such a good time.  It’s been hard to listen too because they are both talking 90 to nothing about several different things.  They smell, they are greasy, their dirty laundry is EVERYWHERE and they are completely exhausted, but their love for their God is so apparent.  I love it!

Praise be to His Highness and Glory!


This is our journey of adoption, love, homeschooling and living life to the fullest.....even if we do live in chaos (can't have anyone over syndrome).

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