What Dreams are Made Of: October 30, 2010

What Dreams are Made Of:  October 30, 2010
What Dreams are Made Of: October 30, 2010.  Today was the day…the day that dreams are made of.  The day that I’ve held in my heart since I was a child.  The day that we meet our son. WOW!  We all met in the restaurant, upstairs and ate breakfast (they do make fabulous omelets).  The conversation was light, the nerves and emotions were on the surface of all of us.
Here comes Woudneh, ready to take us on our trip.  The Monks’ left with their trusted driver.  They had anticipated spending the night in Nazret, where their boys are, but due to some unforeseen issues, they were not able to spend the night, but they did stay all day long and enjoy the company of those sweet boys. Yonas, our rockstar driver, loaded the rest of us up and off we went.  He spoke very little English, but he has such kind eyes and a sweet, sweet smile.  He was an excellent driver!
Remain Calm
We all tried to remain calm, not knowing how long our trip would be.  We decided to take pictures of what we saw and video, but we were all so uncertain of this crazy traffic, that it was quite mesmerizing.  2 lane roads turned into 3 or 4 lane roads…I could touch the people in the vehicles next to me.  The cheap gas that was used caused a lot of exhaust and the fumes made for very dry lips, mouth and lungs…we were all coughing and snotting throughout this whole trip.
The people lying in the median of the street….homeless…barely clothed…no food…no shelter.  It was humbling beyond belief.  However, if we stopped, women with babies, children, and elderly would come up to the window.  They were begging for food or money.  We weren’t allowed to give them anything due to the strict laws forbidding it.  It was almost more than I could bear, having to turn them away.
At one point, not sure what day it was, I was looking out one side of the van.  In fact, began to notice this 8 yr. old boy, his mom, and her baby standing outside of my window.  They were politely waiting.  I turned, and their appearance surprised me, and I let out a bit of a squeal.  It scared them and me 🙂
I quickly apologized for frightening them, they were laughing at the mishap.  In fact, I couldn’t let them go without food.  In my mind, I was picturing Boo looking to someone else for food, and my heart was captured.  I gave them crackers all I had.  Before I knew it, there was a flood of beggars surrounding the van.  It was so sad.  I just wanted to bring them all home and feed them all.
Those images will be forever etched in my mind.

Not for the Faint of Heart: July 14, 2010

Not for the Faint of Heart: July 14, 2010

Not for the Faint of Heart: July 14, 2010.  I must caution all of those in the process of adoption or considering adoption. It isn’t for the faint-hearted. There are things that you just can and can not do. One, of which, is put your life on hold for your precious little one.
Things that Happen
Paperwork snafus happen, delays happen, lack of communication or miscommunication happens…..there isn’t a single day that I don’t think of my son. Wonder how he is or if he’s been hugged today. I found myself getting angry….why won’t you hurry up, what do you mean you need *more* paperwork, why isn’t this in the country, why don’t you call me back, I can’t buy that extra gallon of milk because I can use that money towards the adoption. All these things go in and out of my little head, more times than not.
Wise Words
As a wise woman told me (she’s an elderly lady LOL, love to you, T)…..adoption isn’t necessarily about providing a child with a home more than it is about sanctifying us in the process. All things happen for a reason, and God’s hand is all over my son and all the other little delays that occur. In addition to that fact, all things work together for good and to give Him honor and praise.
Please note, I do not want the glory of adoption, I want my Lord to have it all. All the time, I hear people say how impressed they are and how I’m saving a life. Reality is the fact that I didn’t save a life…God chose my family and me to bless our home through adoption, and HE saved our lives. This was His choice, not necessarily mine. I’m merely being obedient, and I’m learning how to be patient. That is a hard lesson to learn, for me. I’m not the most patient person in the world.
While I’m Waiting
For now, I have my pictures, I have a video, I have my thoughts, and I have tons of prayers. I’m willing to answer (or find the answer) to any adoption question you might have. I’ve adopted through our foster care system, and now I’m adopting internationally.
Sincerely pray and ask God how He might use you and your family. All you have to do is be obedient to His call, the rest, He will take care of. You will be in awe of how He works things out!

Heavy Heart: May 7, 2010

Heavy Heart:  May 7, 2010

Heavy Heart: May 7, 2010.  Today, as I’m looking through blogs on families who have had their “gotcha” days…my heart just aches. I’m so thankful to God for uniting these families and giving His precious children to their forever homes. I sit and think “when will I meet *my* son”?
I love him, so very much and I don’t even know him. In my mind, he is here, he is safe, he is loved beyond measure, and he was chosen. The reality, he is still in his home country. I pray for his safety, his health and for him to be loved, but it just isn’t the same as a momma’s love.
Home Study Complete
I’ve completed my home study, I’ve sent off the final piece of paper for my dossier, I’ve sent the dossier fee to my agency, but we are still lacking SO much money, and I wonder….where it will come from? Will I have enough? Will it be there, when it is needed? Lots of questions with little answers. I know that God lights my path, but he does it step by step and not miles down the road. It is faith that will carry me through, but humanly, I still wonder “when and how.”
Before, there was a level of frustration because I did and redid my dossier…now I’m done. Now I wait and wonder. What fundraiser should I do? Can’t I get another loan? Will the grants come through? I found myself turning off the blogs…it was almost too much for me to read.
I guess next reunion up is my sister’s! How very exciting to watch another family become whole.

Well: April 30, 2010

Well:  April 30, 2010

Well: April 30, 2010.  I realized that I haven’t posted much, lately………not much to post.

I’ve had to resend my financials for the 4th (hopefully final) time, I’m waiting on my passports because I have to send in a color copy of each.
My home study agency had to resend my neglect forms to Frankfort….in the rush to get her precious baby, my worker forgot 🙂 *side note* HH is safe at home with her brother and parents. Praise be to God.
Slow and Frustrating
It is slow and frustrating at times. I’ve come to the conclusion that I will be making 2 trips. Short of a miracle (we aren’t ruling that out), B and I will make the first trip (court) together, and then I’ll be going back in 6 wks. to pick up little man.
On the one hand, what an honor and privilege it will be to see that beautiful country twice. I get to “get the feel of it” first trip and then enjoy the second trip. The sad part is that I get to meet, love on and adore my baby and then I have to give him back. Heart-wrenching. It’ll be okay. I’ll be okay. It’ll be okay 🙂
Still working on grants, but I can’t get my grant stuff finished because I don’t have a copy of my home study. That is kind of crucial. Fundraising has gone, okay, but it will be much better when I get my matching grant 🙂
God is good, He is faithful. He loves Jude more than I do and He has His hand of protection over him. Thank you, Lord, for your constant provisions!

UGH: April 20, 2010

UGH:  April 20, 2010

UGH: April 20, 2010.

UGH: April 20, 2010.  That’s the only word, to sum up how this is going.  I’m *so* ready to hold my baby.

Fast Foward to Today

Jude, Abinet, my son LOVES to play cards and smack talk.  He loves to be loved and hugged.  His goal in life is to play professional sports.  That smile is one for the books.  We celebrate his life daily.  I cannot even describe the love that pours for him, by everyone.

Now, don’t get me wrong…he has some issues, but who doesn’t. 🙂

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7 Years Ago Today

Our lives forever changed…

It got even better.

7 Years Ago Today

This picture brings up SO many emotions.  I cannot even explain the sheer joy that we witnessed when we saw his little face.  These are faces that have lived and breathed a miracle of God.

I dreamed of adopting from Ethiopia when I was a child.  My dreams where shattered when Big Daddy said his heart was not for adopting…anywhere.  Then, my dreams became a reality again.  After many years of marriage, 3 biological children and 2 adopted children (from the foster care system), we made a decision.  He was onboard with adopting an older boy from the country that had my heart.

We did it all and then some.  Dossier finished, the home study was done, approval, travel, met our son, adopted him in the country and then…my dreams were shattered.  A few days after we arrived home from adopting our son, in the country, we were denied by our country.

Heartbroken and depressed…the next several months escaped my memory.  I was going through the motions of life, without life in my heart.  God moved mountains over the next year or so.  He didn’t just move them, He moved them from the Pacific coast and crushed them in the Atlantic Ocean.

God.  Is.  Bigger.

Yippee: April 12, 2010

Yippee:  April 12, 2010


Yippee: April 12, 2010.  My dossier was lovingly handed to my sister, who hand delivered it to our agency! Dossier is DONE DONE DONE!

We applied for our passports and apparently, just in time to get the lower fee…it goes up on Friday!

We got *great* news on Saturday from my sis…my boys gonna have a close friend in the family 🙂 🙂 Yeehaw!

I may not be able to save the world, but I can certainly change the lives of one God blesses me with.

If you have * any* questions on adoption (international, domestic or foster care) PLEASE email me and ask me anything. If I can’t help, sis can and if she can’t help, we’ll find someone who can. Adoption isn’t for everyone, I realize that, but you can still sponsor a child to give them a better life. Please prayerfully consider how you might help one of God’s children.

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God’s Sense of Humor: April 7, 2010

God's Sense of Humor:  April 7, 2010
God’s Sense of Humor: April 7, 2010.  I’ve trying to send off this blasted dossier for a week or so and every time I think I’m ready to mail it off, something happens…vomit, mistakes in emails, someone not answering their phones (health insurance people), being on the phone for hours waiting for a live person (IRS)…today, it is extra paperwork.


I think I have all that I need, just need B to sign the papers and have them notarized (again), make copies, drop off my passport information, not cry and remember that this too shall pass.

Maybe I’ll laugh, someday about this, just not today or tomorrow.

With God’s sense of humor, He continues to look down at me and snicker.  All the “little” things that have come up, are just that…little. He has graciously taken care of everything again.  He may be laughing, but I am certainly not.  My goal is obedience and learning to trust.  I do this in the face of all the “little” things.

Looking Back

Rereading about God’s sense of humor still does not resonate as funny to me.  Gracious, what a hard season of life this was.  I’m so thankful that it is over.

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10
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Trying Hard: April 6, 2010

Trying Hard: April 6, 2010

Trying Hard: April 6, 2010.  I got word that there would be some additional paperwork that needs to be notarized (blech) and sent with my dossier. It isn’t atrocious paperwork like I’ve been doing.  Still, I’m ready for this thing to be out of my hands.  It needs to be in the hands of my agency and sent to Ethiopia BEFORE MAY 7th!

But God

Luckily (not luck, but Godly), I was able to put my hands right on the paperwork that I need and my sister is sending me the stuff that I don’t have so I can print it off and do all this rigor tomorrow (bank, notary, church, post office). It’s all okay because as I’m sweating in inappropriate places, thumbing through more documents, double checking everything….this song came to mind.

In His Time

In His Time was playing through my mind. I sang that song, in my hometown church when I was a child and here it is 20 years later, popping back up. How blessed am I to be a child of God and to know that all of these “delays” are part of His plan.

He loves me, He loves my son, but for some reason or the other, He has been putting up roadblocks in sending off my dossier. That is okay (remember to breathe)…He has His reasons and they are for good and not to harm. Praise be to Him

Remember when you are trying to do something and wanting to do it now-now-now, it is ALL in His time. Off to blow my nose and wipe my sweat…again. Love spring 🙂

In His Time

“He hath made everything beautiful in his time:” Ecclesiastes 3:11

In His time, in His time,
He makes all thing beautiful in His time.
Lord, my life to You I bring,
May each song I have to sing,
Be to You a lovely thing, in Your time.

In Your time, in Your time,
You make all thing beautiful in Your time.
Lord, my life to You I bring,
May each song I have to sing,
Be to You a lovely thing, in Your time.


When Your Sister Says Move: March 27, 2010

When Your Sister Says Move:  March 27, 2010

When Your Sister Says Move: March 27, 2010.  I scramble and hustle!
When T Calls
T called and told me that I need 2 pieces of paper notarized and county seal. I had one done and the other, well, no clue as to what the paper was for. She, graciously enough, emailed me an already filled in copy.  Also, she told me to GET IT DONE AND GET IT MAILED TO HER! If I mail it to her, then she will go to Frankfort to have it state seal.
You have to have it notarized to verify who you are, you have to have its county sealed to confirm that the notary, is in fact, a notary and then you have to have it state sealed to prove that the county is the county in which the notary is actually a notary.
Mental To-Do List
Okay, so both papers notarized and I’m hustling to get to the courthouse to get it county sealed. Now, I’m wearing the pants and shirt that I had been painting in.  I had no makeup on, my hair all over the place, and my heel-less slippers. I’m rushing down the road.  The thoughts in my head are “I have to hurry, get this to the courthouse, get to the post office, pick up my passport applications while I’m there, get home, finish cleaning the house, make sure the kids are bathed.” I was in the process of remodeling my laundry…all the day before the social worker was to come and visit for our second part of the home study.
Slippers Versus Cow
As I’m driving down the road, I happen to glance at this farm and notice that two calves had broken through a fence. I, being the great Christian person I am, though I had too much to do in too little time, so I drove on by. Well, conviction ensued, and I turned around, drove up the long driveway and saw this sweet man, in his 70s working. I told him that his calves were out and that I’d be happy to fix his fence and get them back in their proper field.
Here I go, praying this doesn’t take long….walking through the pasture (in my isotoner heel-less slippers). I realized that I couldn’t get what I needed done from the angle I was going at it, so I walk down the road a bit and go into the neighbor’s yard…slushing through the mud and the muck. The calves were frightened, and they were running in a direction I didn’t want them to go in…towards the road.
I finally got them going in the other direction and instead of going back through the hole they already created…they created 2 more holes. Stupid, stupid cows! At any rate, as I’m fixing the fence, I looked down, and there was cow manure all over my shoes…not just a bit, a bunch. I scraped off what I could, fixed the fence, blessed the sweet man and off I went to the courthouse.
I got to the place I *thought* I was supposed to go and bless their hearts…they were CLUELESS! So, off to place 2 and there was a line, all the way out the hall. I finally get in the position to ask if I’m in the right spot and guess what? This was not where I was supposed to be. I had to move down into the vault. Off I go, to the basement and they do what I need for them to do! Praise God. Thankfully, no one mentioned my perfume of cow manure.
I rush off to the post office and mailed my letter.  Next, I got my applications.  Then, I headed home to finish my many things left to do before the social worker shows up.
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