Psalm 82

Psalm 82 1 God presides over heaven’s court;     he pronounces judgment on the heavenly beings: 2 “How long will you hand down unjust decisions     by favoring the wicked?  3 “Give justice to the poor and the orphan;     uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute. 4 Rescue the poor and helpless;     deliver them from the grasp of evil …

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Psalm 80

Psalm 80 1 Please listen, O Shepherd of Israel,     you who lead Joseph’s descendants like a flock. O God, enthroned above the cherubim,     display your radiant glory 2     to Ephraim, Benjamin, and Manasseh. Show us your mighty power.     Come to rescue us! 3 Turn us again to yourself, O God.     Make your face shine down upon us.     Only …

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Psalm 79

Psalm 79 1 O God, pagan nations have conquered your land,     your special possession. They have defiled your holy Temple     and made Jerusalem a heap of ruins. 2 They have left the bodies of your servants     as food for the birds of heaven. The flesh of your godly ones     has become food for the wild animals. 3 Blood …

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Psalm 76

Psalm 76 1 God is honored in Judah;     his name is great in Israel. 2 Jerusalem is where he lives;     Mount Zion is his home. 3 There he has broken the fiery arrows of the enemy,     the shields and swords and weapons of war. 4 You are glorious and more majestic     than the everlasting mountains. 5 Our boldest enemies have …

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Psalm 75

Psalm 75 1 We thank you, O God!     We give thanks because you are near.     People everywhere tell of your wonderful deeds. 2 God says, “At the time I have planned,     I will bring justice against the wicked. 3 When the earth quakes and its people live in turmoil,     I am the one who keeps its foundations firm.  …

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