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So, I had a Hysterectomy

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A hysterectomy is a little slice of hell with a side of pain.

The surgery was laparoscopic.  They took my uterus, cervix and fallopian tubes.  They also evacuated the large grapefruit sized fibroid that was taking up residence in my uterus.  While they were “all up in my stuff”, they also helped my bladder out a little bit.  She needed a little assistance to stay up and where she belongs.

My dr and nurses were rockstars.  I was not apprehensive one bit.  I remember them saying that they were giving me happy juice.  I didn’t feel like that was necessary because I was not nervous, scared of freaking out.  I was a bit dizzy but that is because I was laying flat and my Meniere’s was kicking in.  The next thing I remember is being done and back in my room with my husband and my mom.

My sole goal…was to pee LOL.  I attempted that feat and let’s just say it was a failed attempt.  My poor mama has been with me through LOTS of unsavory times in my life.  I’m so thankful for her and her attempt at getting me to pee by running water LOL.  Headed back to my little room….did some checks and such and then I forced myself to pee so I could get out of that hospital.

Yes, I left the day of my surgery.

No, Big Daddy was not thrilled.

I left with a bandaid on either side of my belly button and then on top of my belly button.  I also had 2 “catheters” that were inserted one on each side.  It held this numbing medication that kept my belly numb from Friday till when I pulled the second catheter out yesterday.  I was not sure it worked…one ball was deflating at a normal rate, but the other was not.  I had to go in on Sunday and come to find out, that it was clogged, so they fixed that.  I pulled one ball (when it deflates, the medicine is gone) out on Monday night and then other I pulled out on Tuesday night.  I thought it was clogged again because it was not deflating and I really really REALLY wanted a shower….


I took it out.

Within about 10 minutes, I realized that the ball was indeed, working and now I was hurting.  Like not just a little tug or a little pain….like I could not stand up straight kind of hurting.  I got my shower….and then I went back to bed.

The things I have noticed so far……I pee a lot and it is orange (thanks to the pyridium that helps my bladder from having spasms), take stool softeners to help but do not take too many or you will never leave the bathroom.  Take your meds…..for the love of all that is good and holy….take them. I have cut my painkillers in 1/2 and I’m trying to only rely on my 800 mg ibuprofen.  Laying on your side…just don’t.  Really, trust me.  Where big clothes and get some undies a size up.  There will be swelling and tight drawers are no fun.  You will not lose weight over night LOL….yes, I thought that and it was a stupid thought.  Every time you get up to go and pee…walk walk walk.  Even if it hurts walk around.  You will cry.  Not necessarily out of pain, though it is not fun…just my emotions are all over the place.  I cried at a youtube video.  Simply could not pull it together.

Give yourself grace.  I had the least invasive surgery, but it is still MAJOR surgery where organs (plural) are removed.  1 week of nothing but rest (only climb stairs twice a day), week 2 join the rest of your crew but sit on the couch.  Do not lift.  Climb.  Dance.  Run.  Exercise.  After week 2, you just need to take it easy for the next 4 weeks.  6 weeks of a whole lot of nothing.  If you do not listen to your body…rest when you can….you will have scar tissue and that is something that you will pay for…forever.

So….I’m resting.  My family is waiting on me.  I’m showering, napping (some), sleeping at night (little), and eating…some.

Here’s to hoping I feel way better sooner rather than later.




Operation Get My Life Together: The Debt Snowball

I mentioned in yesterday’s post about my envelopes and my cash flow system to help us get out of debt.  I want to stipulate that, as of now, I DO NOT add my house into this snowball debt.  Let’s be real, folks….its kind of like me being fat…the fat did not accumulate in a day and it will not be gone in a day.  I want to set attainable goals to keep me motivated and that is what I’m going to do.  Will we, eventually (prayerfully) get out house paid off quicker…yes…but my main goal is to get this other debt gone and be on a cash only plan for purchases in the future.

I stumbled on this wonderful website for DEBT SNOWBALL – ing.  This is good for those visual people, like my husband! There is also another cool site on Debt Reduction that is really good, as well.  Both of these sites are free and easy to use.

The debt snowball is listing all your debt from SMALLEST to LARGEST. Again, I’m excluding my house for now.

For us, that would be:

  • van
  • student loan
  • equity

We owe the lowest amount on our van (I’m not even looking at interest rates).  My monthly payment on my van is $240, but only $220 goes towards the principle. The rest goes towards interest.

For the MONTH OF SEPTEMBER only, this is what we have to throw down on this debt.

Mthly pymt:  240

Kids bills:  110

2 Travel checks:  282

OT: 300

Extra check:  125

Leftover from August envelopes:   453

Zero out extra:  645

This is a total of $240 regular payment + $1615 that is added directly to the principle.

If we were to continue ONLY paying the $240 a month, we would have 3 years before this is paid off.  With doing a ZERO BASED BUDGET, we will have this debt PAID OFF by December of 2017. Anything extra that comes in..we put in our debt envelope.  We just continue building it up to pay this off.

Now, starting in January 2018, we will ROLL that $240 van payment that we no longer, technically have, and we will add it to our next debt…my student loan.  Let’s look at the projected monthly amount we can throw at that bill in January.

Mthly payment:  183

Kids bills: 150 (yes it went up only because we were not having our daughter pay anything for a month because of her financial issues)

Extra check:  125

Zero out extra:  645 (this should always remain the same)

Old Van payment  240

I cannot calculate his OT or his travel check because these may not come through this month.  With ONLY those few things….we can pay the $183 regular payment and then add on an EXTRA $1,160 to our principle.  If I just pay the minimum amount, I will pay this bill of January 1, 2031.  By adding on this EXTRA, I can have it paid off by by the end of next year….maybe sooner if I added in that OT, travel and anything extra we might get.

After this is paid off, we have our equity loan.  We have our regular payment of $115, but then we add the kids bills, extra check, zero out extra, old van payment, and old student loan payment.  We will pay $1458 per month.

Then we move onto the house…..

Seriously…………..this is doable.  I’m excited.  Big Daddy is excited.  We have been painfully disciplined and we do not spend if our envelopes are empty.  We have not used our debit card and we do not own a credit card.

Please if you have any questions, let me know.  I’m happy to answer them.

Operation Get Life Together: Zero Based Budget Explained

The first thing Big Daddy and I did was to sit down and make a list.  In truth, I sat down and made a list, he sat down and watched LOL

We listed out all of our incoming monies.  His paychecks. Our fear was that we were upside down….more month than money.  We added that all together and then we moved on to the scary part.  ALL his travel checks, OT (if he has it), kids monthly bill payment to us goes directly to our debt.  He has a travel check monthly.  He has taken some overtime to help us out and we are trying to sell some unnecessary things….equipment, clothes, etc.  All this goes towards debt.  It is an EXTRA payment that goes towards the principle.

We listed out all our bills.  We wrote down every single thing we could think of…nothing was off limits.  Even if it was small (like our fire insurance that comes once a year and is only $60).  This is listed below.

Next to each thing we put a total of what we budgeted out for the month.  I’ll spare you from that.  After we did that, we marked next to each one “D” for debt owed, “W” for want and “N” for need.  Distinguishing between your wants and needs is huge.  We went through the “wants” cause, obviously the needs and the debts have to be dealt with.  We ended up eliminating from our list, Time 4 Learning, vacation, sports, and hair.  It was painful….mainly for me.

Then, we decided what we would create envelopes for.  I actually ended up buying some clear makeup pouches and writing on the front of them what they were for and how much we were to keep out every 2 weeks, since that is when Big Daddy gets paid.  We made the following envelopes:  Clothes (40), gas (300), misc (250), entertainment (100), groceries (500), medical (50), sinking (50)..  I take these amounts out monthly.  At the end of the month, whatever is left in the envelopes (with exception to clothes, medical and sinking funds because I want these to accrue), I remove and put in my DEBT envelope.  This is what I’m going to ADD to my first debt payment…extra.

This is the list of what we take out with out tax money every year.  I just keep it in the envelope until we need it.  Birthdays (420), Christmas (1100), house taxes (1800 , veh. taxes (225), fire (60), house maintenance (50), car maintenance (50), cow/pig (800).

I add up all our bills, including what I take out for the envelopes, and I subtract that from our incoming.  To my pleasant surprise (shock really) was that we had money leftover at the end of the money.  This is money we didn’t realize we had because we hadn’t given our incoming money a name or a place so we just spend what we want to spend…when we want to spend it.  How stupid is that? So, once ALL our money is “assigned”, we have $645 leftover at the end.  ALL this money goes towards our debt!

So, for this month (September), we are able to add an EXTRA $1615 towards our DEBT (this will be explained in a follow up post).  How cool is that?

To help with your list….here is ours:

  • Clothes – W
  • Life Insurance -N
  • House -D
  • Cell -N
  • Gas/water -N
  • Time 4 Learning -W
  • Van -D
  • Snap Fitness -W
  • Equity  -D
  • Insurance (vehicles and house) -N
  • Mediacom -N
  • Groceries -N
  • Gas -N
  • Misc. (anything that is not food) – N
  • Entertainment -W
  • Electric -N
  • Student Loan -D
  • Covenant Eyes -W
  • House taxes -N
  • Veh. taxes -N
  • Cow/pig -N
  • Christmas -W
  • Vacation -W
  • House Maintenance -N
  • Car Maintenance -N
  • Animal Feed -N
  • Sports -W
  • Braces -D (paid off)
  • Dental -N
  • Eyes -N
  • Doctor -N
  • Meds -N
  • Bdays -W
  • Tithe -N
  • Fire -N
  • Sinking Fund -W & N:  This is a list of things we know we will need or want (new windows, light fixtures, lawnmower, expand chicken coop, garden, homeschool, AC unit, bathroom redo)
  • Hair -W

If you need further explanation or you have questions, please let me know.  I’ll be doing some follow up posts on our snowball debt reduction.  But first, I must pee and drink a coke.


Operation “Get My Life Together”: Zero Based Budget

The other night, Big Daddy and I sat down and had a chat.  I told him how I was feeling and that I was tired of serving two masters….God and money.  I felt like we were drowning in debt and I am tired of it.  I’m tired of worrying and feeling like I’m being controlled by it.  I have no freedom when I am in debt.

We CHOOSE to be done.

When I researched a zero based budget….I thought that the concept was insane.  After further looking into it, I began to see the positives of it and it forced me to take a long hard look at our money and where it goes.  Then, I left fear seep in….the fear of embarrassment, of feeling like I’m upside down in our finances (have more debt/bills then paycheck), and then it felt like an elephant sat squarely on my chest and I kept hearing “there is no hope…you are trapped…just keep on keepin’ on…you are not hurting anyone.”

The great thing is that I CAPTURED that thought and I REMEMBERED Truth!  When I have Jesus….and I do….there is ALWAYS hope.  Did He “ordain” my stupidity?  I don’t think so.  Did He “allow” my stupidity?  Yep and now we are reaping what we have sown. Natural consequences to our stupidity.

Its a NEW day.  Its a NEW dawn.  Its time to let HIM take control over my finances.  I know that it is time because Big Daddy is on board!  Stay tuned to our journey of becoming debt free!

What the Heck Just Happened?



This is my Lady… Josephine…..Ms. Jo…….Faithie……….she is my person.  She is my mentor.  She is one of my most favorite people who ever walked the Earth.

My Lady is not well.  She has a lot going on, medically.  She has had to be placed in a nursing home because we, as her family, cannot keep up with all her needs at home anymore.  It has broken my heart.

She is beginning to go in and out of lucidness.  I know she knows me because when she seems me walking down the hall, she smiles and waves.  She knows I am someone that she loves.  For a while there, I was Ramona….whoever Ramona is…I don’t know.  She knows my husband’s name is Bart.  She says that his name is Bart and he is her boyfriend and she loves him.  All of this is true LOL

The other day, I went to visit my sweet Lady and her son and daughter in law were there. We sat outside, getting some fresh air.  She waved at me when I walked up to her.  I came up, and I kissed her on the cheek and I asked her if she knew who I was, today.  She just smiled, never said my name, but she said she knew me.

After a bit, I got up in her space again…..she was wearing the same shirt she has on in the picture above.  It is my favorite shirt on her.  I told her that and then I said “oh, Lady, I love you so much.  You are my favorite.”  She came too, patted my cheeks and said “oh, Brandi, I love you.  What would I do without you.”  My heart nearly exploded.

She was not lucid there for a little bit after that.

Then, the strangest thing happened.  This young man pulled up and he walked behind her patting her shoulders.  She turned to see who was touching her and then she began speaking FLUENT French.  Now, bear in mind, she lived in France when her boys were young.  He spoke French back to her. Then he would ask her something in French and she would answer him in FLUENT German.  This went on for quite a while.  They began discussing quadratic equations and the periodic table. She never missed a beat.

She.  Never.  Missed.  A. Beat.  People.

I asked her son if she knew German.  He said no.  I called and asked her granddaughter if she knew German.  She said no.  I asked the gentleman if she was speaking it correctly because she does not know that language….he said every answer was appropriate and correct.

I am shocked.

Seriously………she thinks the year is 1917 (17 years BEFORE she was born).  She thinks my name is Ramona and my husband is her boyfriend….yet she speaks 2 languages and can dissect equations like nobody’s business.

This Lady…………..oh…………….how I love her.

Relaxation 101: Tip 2

I mentioned the other day, my beginning of a little series on relaxation.  This is my second tip, but this one can either be FREE or it can cost some money.


Peoples of the internet world….if you have never gotten a full body massage, you are missing out on a little slice of heaven in the real world.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.

I have fallen asleep, instantly.

I have woken myself up, during my massage, drooling.

I have also woken myself up snoring.

The music.

The quietness.

The smells.


Sometimes, I barter with a friend.  My service for her service.

Sometimes, I pay for it.  Cause it is worth it and so am I.

Sometimes, I lay on my floor and have a kid walk on my back.

Sometimes, I lay on floor and I have them rub my back, or use a torture device to get out the knots.

It is glorious.

When I pay for or barter for a service, I usually get an hour, full body.  I like a deep tissue massage…the more you “hurt” me the more I enjoy it.  It works out all those stress knots that I have accumulated.

Stop.  Get almost naked.  Drool.  Snore.  Enjoy.  Repeat.

You are worth it!

Let Me Get This Straight

This is a convo that I had, the other day, with my 13 year old son.

Me:  D, did you take the dogs out?

D:  No.

Me:  Did you feed and water the dogs and cats?

D:  No.

**it was after lunch at this point….chores are usually done by 9 am**

Me:  Can you name me each of the major wars from as far back as you can remember, in order?

D:  Rattles them off PERFECTLY beginning in the year 1754 with the French and Indian War.

Me:  Can you tell me who was involved in each of these wars?

D:  Rattles the names off PERFECTLY.

Me:  How is it you can remember these details, but you cannot remember the same chores you have had for 7 years?

D:  I like wars.  I do not like chores.

Touche’ little fella.  Touche’.

The beauty of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder.


Getting Ready for My Girl Party

I, hope, I am getting a hysterectomy on Friday!  I went to the dr about a month ago, with some issues.  I am one who struggles with admitting that I don’t feel well.  Power through, that’s my motto.  I also use the phrase “I’m fine” a lot.  I have not been to the dr in a couple of years for my physical.  I also have not been to the girly dr for about 5 yrs because, frankly, I thought I was crazy.

I went, I conquered and no one touched me.  Win Win.  I did, however, raise the concerns of my dr and he convinced me to come back, early and stay all day long.  All.  Day.  Long.  Staying at the girly dr all day long is much like the 7th level of hell.  Plus, it was hot in there….like residing in satan’s armpit, ya know.  Nice people.   Nice nurses.  Nice office.  Do NOT want to be there for that length of time.

I got there at about 10 (I procrastinated) and I went straight for this torture chamber of an office that detects whether I pee unwarranted or not.  Hell, I could’ve told them that.  I can’t walk, talk, laugh, sneeze, cough, turn over in bed without peeing a little bit.  It drives me bonkers.  Most women who have had children, vaginally, have this problem.  We all know the art of talk talk talk…..stop…..cross our legs…..sneeze…..pause to make sure you have stopped the flow….resume talking.

I got through the first level of hell when that was done.  I was done.  It was so bad, at one point, the sweet nurses who were torturing me moved out of the way cause I got tickled and they were prepared for urine to shoot across the room.  I crap you not.  (side note:  there was no crapping on my part LOL…praise God.)

I got out of there and I headed to get my blood work done.  I just realized I do not have the results from that…might need to call.

I had a mini break, so I thought about getting a tattoo while I waited, across the street.  They, sadly, were not opened.  I ended up treating myself to lunch because when you have all of Calloway County up in your business, one deserves to go out to eat.

Finished there and headed back to the dr.  I had an ultrasound down on my uterus.  Luckily, I knew the lady doing it so it made it much easier.  I have not had an ultrasound since I was pregnant with my son 16 yrs ago.  It was strange.  She put the stuff on my belly (shout out to the person who invented the slime warmer, it was glorious) and she put that thing on there.

She paused.

I sat straight up with a look of sheer panic.

I peed.

I guess the blood running out of my face was an indication that she needed to speak.

With a look of shock and awe in my face….I screamed “Is that a BABY’S HEAD in my uterus…I swear on my life if you turn that thing around and I see eyes and some tiny hand waving at me…I’m heading to meet Jesus.”

Then she laughed and said that no, it was not a head, but it was the size of a 23 weeks fetus.

I have a fibroid tumor.

Well, good freaking grief.

She congratulated me on my upcoming hysterectomy.

I left there…ready to vomit and I headed back to the gyn.  There he was, with a new torture device and that sucker had a camera attached to it.

I got in the “position” for a pap smear and I quickly realized that there was plastic EVERYWHERE.  I thought he was going to kill me and then wrap me up and dispose of me (I’ve been watching the Blacklist).

Then………he raised my bed to towards the ceiling.  Creepy and what happened next….well, let’s just say….hurt like nobody’s business.  He was doing a hysteroscopy to “scrape” the inside of my uterus to check for cancer.  He also inserted that camera that was the size of, I’d say, Canada.  Then, he had the AUDACITY to tell me what he saw.

As I was coming up off that table, I looked at him and said “listen….unless you want a wire hanger shoved up your spot and twirled around while we are SLOWLY discussing it, I’d suggest you get what you are going to get and get that thing out and put away.  I’m about to shove my foot up your nostril.”

He did what he needed to do and he profusely apologized for it being “uncomfortable.”  Uncomfortable is like stubbing your toe, accidentally eating a fly that was in your McDonald’s french fry holder, or stepping on a rusty nail.  This was NOT uncomfortable.  This straight up hurt.

He let me regroup and eat some candy to temper my anger and then he gingerly came back in.  He said that my tumor was huge and he, indeed, recommended the hysterectomy.  He also said that my urine thing was off the charts and I just peed unprovoked all the time….like massively.  Uhm, yep….I sort of already told him that.

Oh…just to say, I got my mammogram within the next few days!

All this being said, I’m getting my stuff out on Friday.  I’ve given myself a pedicure and took off all my polish.  I also gave myself a manicure.  I’ve got some freezer meals prepped and my mom insists on coming and my kids are taken care of.

I am SO beyond ready.

Girls….if you have your girly parts.  Take care of them and you.  Do not be stupid like me and suffer in silence, there is no reason too.  There is no shame and you are NOT crazy about how you feel.  You are important.  Eat well.  Exercise.  Get plenty of rest.  Go to the girl dr, the regular dr, the eye dr, and the dentist regularly!

Organizational Tip: Let’s Talk Pinterest

Pinterest.  I do not necessarily enjoy it.  It is overwhelming.  I do not spend hours upon hours scouring the pinterest boards.  I only follow my family, cause I feel like I have too. To me, it is a stressor.


I have realized that I can actually use this to my advantage.  I tried this about a year ago, maybe and it was just too much.  Too many colors, options, ideas, thoughts… mind could not handle anymore information.

I have come up with a plan.

And I love it when a plan comes together.

We shall try this again.

This time, I shall SUCCEED.

There are 52 weeks in a year.  Yes?  Yes.  I created a DIFFERENT board that started at Week 1 and ended on Week 26.  That is 1/2 the year.  I thought I might have to stab myself in the eye with a used q-tip if I had to come up with the entire year, but 1/2 the year is doable for me.

Week 1 Menu – Week 27 Menu (same board and same menu)

Week 2 Menu – Week 28 Menu

Catch my drift….all in all I have 26 boards and it covers all 52 weeks.

Now, there are 7 days in a week.  I cook on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (unless we are at church), Friday, Saturday.  I do not cook Sundays.  I went ahead and marked Thursdays as pizza night, as this is tradition, so I cook mark that off.  To help with my sanity, I allotted Fridays as EITHER hamburgers/dogs/fries night or taco night.  I altered those days, so have the year was hamburgers and half the year was tacos…..are you still with me?

Next, I chose Saturdays as soup days (my obsession is real and I am a soup whore, if you please).  I cook 2 soups for my crew cause 1 just is not enough (also we eat leftovers for lunch until it is gone…hence saving us money).

I went through the soup recipes that I had.  I reached out on fb (you can click on the FB button on the right of this page to follow me there) and from there, I compiled a list of 52 soups.  They are all different, cause I like to try new things.  I have made nearly all of them of though cause I’m always making soup.  As I picked 2 soups, I would drop them into my already made board of Week 1 Menu and Week 27 Menu…I continued on till all 26 weeks were covered.

In short, we have Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday accounted for.  All I had left was Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  The existing boards I had left, with recipes was Chinese, Pork, Steak, Mexican.  I divided those out. So I had “X” amount of each to fill up my weeks.  My last big feat was to have equal amounts of Italian dishes and Beef dishes.  By the time I got done, all 26 boards had main dishes for the nights of the week that I cook.  After I got my main dishes done, I added in my side dishes.

With these boards, I will transfer over to my blog and I will comprise a detailed grocery list of what I need for my Week 1 menu.  What I will also do, is get my freezer aluminum pans, double the recipes and freeze the second one.  So by the time week 27 comes around, I will A) know what I am cooking thanks to my pinterest board and B) I will have already cooked it.  It is a win win.

There are no two recipes or weeks alike.  I have done all different stuff.  I will post my honest opinion on whether it was good or not.  I do, however, tweak most of my recipes.  I add too or take away from, so I will notate that as well.

No, I am not bored.

Yes, I do find the time.

No, my children are not neglected during this.

Yes, I truly enjoy doing things like this.

Feel free to look at my boards (again you can find my pinterest boards if you click on the icon in the right side bar and you can follow me on any social media) and use them.  My hope and pray is that this works out.

I can always take a picture of my grocery list, online, and send it to Big Daddy and he can pick up my groceries on the way home….I’m telling ya….WIN WIN.

Weeks 11 & 37 Grocery List

Head on over to my PINTEREST BOARD for this week.  This is the 37th week of the year.  I cannot believe we are that far into this year…..sigh……Anyway, I will post my grocery list for this week.  If this were week 11, there is a high chance, I would double each of these recipes (with the exception of hamburger/pizza nights).  I will do that because by the time the 37th week rolls around, I will already have food ready, so in essence, I’m only cooking 1/2 the year.  Now, I will not commit to always doing that, but if we have the extra funds, then I surely will.  I freeze things in aluminum throw away dishes, also, I use my glass dishes on occasion.  I also utilize 1 & 2 gallon freezer bags and quart bags.

I will list any changes that I make with my menus here.  If I do not like a recipe, I will delete it from my pinterest board and immediately replace it.  Most of these recipes are new.

Hashbrown Potato Soup:  The original recipe calls for carrots…my family does not like cooked carrots, so I will be omitting them.  Also, to make this low carb, use cauliflower chunks instead of hashbrown.  Replace the flour with cornstarch.  I do not buy canned chicken broth.  I either use water and chicken bouillon or I use my own broth that I have saved from boiling chicken and frozen.  Also, you can use heavy cream instead of 1/2 and 1/2.  I did, with this recipe, add a can of cream of chicken.  It is not necessary.  Since I did this in the Instant Pot, I went ahead and add about 4 washed and chunked potatoes cause the hashbrowns really had some texture but mainly just thickened it.

Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Soup:  The original recipe calls for celery and carrots.  Again, not my crews favorite, so I’m leaving those out.  You can replace the all purpose flour with cornstarch to make this low carb.  You can also replace the 1/2 and 1/2 with heavy cream.  Chicken broth….read above 🙂  I added a can of cream of mushroom soup to this.  Again, not necessary.  I also used Basil and Marjoram instead of Thyme and Rosemary (I didn’t have any).  Cheddar was also used cause it is yummy.

Crockpot Ranch Chicken Tacos:  I do not usually buy taco packets.  I use chili powder and cumin.  Also, will be serving this over corn tortilla chips, but you can use them in a corn tortilla or a flour tortilla and serve with sour cream/salsa/pico de gallo.

Grocery List:

20 oz. hashbrown

Chicken broth (3 or you can use water and chicken boullion)

Bacon (2)


Onion (3)

Garlic, minced


Heavy cream (or 1/2 and 1/2) Get a large one for both soups


Scallions (optional)

Carrots (optional)

Celery (optional)


Chicken breasts (I would buy 1 large thing of fresh boneless/skinless.  Each breast can be cut in 1/2.  I use 3 chicken breasts, cut in half for a meal.)


Cremini Mushrooms




Bay Leaf

Corn Tortillas

Packet of dry Ranch

Chili seasoning


20 oz. 3 Cheese tortellini

Eggs (6)



French bread loaf (cut in half, spread butter on each half with garlic, add mozzarella cheese, close it up…wrap it in aluminum foil and bake for about 10-15 minutes)

Head of cauliflower

Diced carrots

Frozen peas

Soy Sauce

Fresh mushrooms

Kale (or fresh spinach)


Vegetable stock (or you can use water and beef boullion)

Rice Wine Vinegar

Round steak or flank steak

Of course…I add stuff for burgers and hotdogs, as well as, our pizza night.







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