Now It Is Time To Freak Out

Now time to freak us all out.


I waited as long as I could but yes folks, scientist have found lyme in most biting insects. ūüėĒ

Between congenital lyme (handed down generation to generation) and how easily it is to be bitten by something it is vital we are informed and aware of the possibility anyone can have it.

Don’t be frightened or paranoid.

Always think preventively and watch for signs after a suspicious bite.

More than likely if you have a healthy immune system it will take care of it.

Some need two weeks of doxycycline to nip it.

Either way, it is fixable just don’t wait until it manifests into something big that causes damage to your body.

What symptoms are you watching for?

Flu like symptoms…achy joints and muscles and fever.

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Corkscrew Shaped Bacteria that Burrows!

Had to post this for my “older” friends (ha ha)
In all seriousness why is Lyme so hard to detect?
Because the bacteria is CORKSCREW SHAPED and it twists and buries itself absolutely anywhere in your body. ūüôą
As if that isn’t enough alone it creates a biofilm that makes itself invisible to your immune system.
It digs in and hides and your body can’t find it to even attempt to fight it.

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Find the Root of Your Illness!

Why do we accept medications for our symptoms when we don’t know the cause of our issue?

How many symptoms could be relieved by curing the root cause of the problem?

Just because it has a name doesn’t mean it is a real disease it may simply mean this is what we call it when the tests for everything else come back negative and we don’t really know what it is.

Dig deeper my friends!

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Sneaky Little Suckers

50% of people bitten by a tick have no bulls eye rash that we are told to watch out for usually.

You can see how tiny the deer tick is.

I doubt most of us would see it unless it was in a very obvious place.

The blue pic below is that nasty corkscrew shaped bacteria.

It bores into any tissue or organ in your body and hides.

This is the same bacteria that many will tell you doesn’t exist.

Ummm, yes it does, I have a picture!

It’s pretty obvious to see why we may not remember a bite and how the bacteria can stay in your body long term.

Chronic Lyme disease is so so sneaky!

Lyme & Schizophrenia

I’ve yet to meet a lymie that doesn’t have the bacteria in their brain to one degree or another.

How much suffering could be avoided if a part of testing for mental issues included testing for lyme?

We are tossing meds at people to control their “issues” but often not getting to the core of what caused them to be this way.

I heart docs that look for a cause to solve the issue instead of medicating the symptoms.

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Jesus Today: Devotions for Kids Giveaway

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